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Known locations Antropolis City
Conservation status Critically endangered

"Jumpers" are a species of beasts that lived below underground in Antropolis City.


At some point, the Jumper species were created.

The Jumpers once lived peacefully underneath Antropolis City. Long ago, a group of unknown explorers explored their caverns. The Jumpers were hostile to the explorers, so the explorers made carvings on a pillar in the entering cavern that warn future explorers not to go further.

After three construction workers from the city attempted to create an underground tunnel for transit by drilling through the Jumpers' underground lair, the beasts were disturbed, thinking that they were being attacked, so they retaliated by kidnapping the construction workers. When the Hero Factory was called in to investigate the disappearances, they sent Nathan Evo, who brought a Battle Machine called the Evo Walker with him, to do the task. During the task, the Jumpers kidnapped another construction worker that told Evo about the disappearances, and then attacked Evo when he entered the tunnel. The Jumpers then launched a massive invasion of the city. Evo called the Hero Factory for backup and Battle Machines. Evo's fellow six members of the Alpha 1 Team, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Daniel Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez, arrived at the city to help Evo fight a small group of Jumpers. Stormer, Furno, Rocka, and Evo used four new Battle Machines to fight the Jumpers while the other Heroes fought some of the Jumpers personally. However, two mutated Jumpers dragged Stormer and Furno underground. The ruler and queen of the Jumpers, called the Queen Beast, imprisoned the two Heroes in cocoons. Breez called reinforcements from the Hero Factory to fight the Jumpers in the city while she and the remaining Alpha 1 Team members went underground to rescue their friends.

Jumpers in Antropolis City

While the five Heroes were traveling underground, the Jumpers there vigorously defended their lair from the Heroes, but were repeatedly rebuffed by the Heroes and their new Battle Machines. However, during the Jumpers' fights against the Heroes, a mutated Jumper called a Tunneler Beast kidnapped Surge. The queen imprisoned Surge in a cocoon. The Heroes eventually encountered the queen and attempted to eliminate the hostile threat by forcing the nest to fall into a pool of acid, but Breez, using her ability to communicate with animals, realized that the Jumpers were just defending their home, and attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the Queen Beast. The Queen, agreeing with her proposal, recalled all the Jumpers from the city, ending the invasion. She gave the four Heroes their three comrades back. However, just when the seven Heroes were leaving the Jumpers' lair, one of the Jumpers accidentally triggered their discarded blaster and damaged the nest even further, killing more unhatched Jumpers. The queen noticed and got angry about it, making her mistakenly believe that the Heroes betrayed her and her kind, so she attacked the Heroes again. In the ensuing battle, the nest was completely destroyed and dropped into the pool of acid in the chamber below while the Jumpers disappeared. It is unknown if the Jumpers were killed by the incident or escaped to other places to save themselves.

Despite the Jumpers being gone and their nest being destroyed, the Heroes forbade the citizens of Antropolis City from digging any more underground tunnels. During the return trip to Makuhero City, the Heroes planned to get cocoon goo out of their armor due to their battles with the Jumpers and joked about not having to deal with the Jumpers again, not noticing that a single unhatched cocoon with a Jumper had somehow been placed on board on their Drop Ship for unknown reasons.[Episode 11]

Abilities and Traits

The Jumpers are quadrupedal beasts with large fangs and armored plating. They look like insects with rhinoceros-like heads. A Jumper is smaller than a Battle Machine pilot Hero. It is strong enough to fight the Rocka Crawler and break out of a canister after being imprisoned there for a short time. The Jumpers can dig underground. When they make holes in the ground, the Jumpers use them as sneak attacks and a way to capture people. They can jump very high, hence their name. Jumpers are hatched from large cocoons, and lived in a nest presided over by a Queen Beast who acted as a queen and mother to the Jumpers, who obey her commands. The Jumpers can communicate with each other telepathically.

Though fierce in nature, the Jumpers are not overtly aggressive, and invaded Antropolis City because they were defending their home territory based on orders from the Queen. They and the queen thought they were being attacked, so that was also why they attacked the city.

Jumpers come in a variety of colors and types. They are known to have red, orange, or lime green bodies, and have black or blue carapaces, making six possible color combinations.

Some have the potential to evolve into larger and stronger creatures, like a Flyer Beast. The larger creatures have access to certain new abilities such as flight, while the smaller Jumpers have no specific powers. The mutated Jumpers are large enough to fight Battle Machines. Some of the mutated Jumpers were larger than others. Their mouths hav snapping jaws and are large enough to eat a Battle Machine pilot Hero in one bite. The mutated beasts can also use their mouths to grab people. Some of the mutated Jumpers have an overbite while the others have an underbite. Some have tails. All mutated beasts have claws. Some have 2-3 pairs of eyes while the Queen Beast has six pairs of eyes. The smaller Jumpers are easier to defeat than the mutated ones, as the Heroes can use their laser guns to defeat the small Jumpers easily by shooting at them once. However, the mutated Jumpers are so tough that they cannot be harmed by the laser guns.

Mutated Jumpers

Set Information

The small Jumpers are included in every Battle Machine set of the Invasion From Below wave, which debuted at the beginning of 2014. Each Jumper is comprised of three pieces; the main body, the head, and a connecting pin. The Black/Lime Jumpers were featured in sets 44015 EVO Walker, 44018 FURNO Jet Machine, and 44028 SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine. The Black/Orange Jumpers were included in the Evo Walker set, 44017 STORMER Freeze Machine, 44019 ROCKA Stealth Machine, 44022 EVO XL Machine, and the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine. The Black/Red Jumpers were featured in the Evo Walker set, the Stormer Freeze Machine set, the Evo XL Machine set, and 40117 HF Villains Minimodel. A Blue/Lime Jumper was featured in 44025 BULK Drill Machine. The Blue/Orange Jumpers were featured in 44023 ROCKA Crawler, 44027 BREEZ Flea Machine, and 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER. The Blue/Red Jumpers seen in an online game called Invasion From Below were never included in any sets for an unknown reason, but it is possible that they can be built using parts from other Jumpers.

The giant Jumper beasts are the main parts of the Beast sets of the Invasion From Below wave. The Jaw Beast is featured in set 44016 JAW Beast vs. STORMER, the Flyer Beast in 44020 FLYER Beast vs. BREEZ the Splitter Beast in 44021 SPLITTER Beast vs. FURNO & EVO the Tunneler Beast in 44024 TUNNELER Beast vs. SURGE, the Crystal Beast in 44026 CRYSTAL Beast vs. BULK, and the Queen Beast in the Queen Beast set. A non-canon giant Jumper beast that looks like a Crystal Beast is featured in the HF Villains Minimodel set.



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