Dangerous Dimensions

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Dangerous Dimensions is a LEGO Club Inside Scoop detailing the presence of alternate universes to the Hero Factory universe, first explored in Secret Mission 5: Mirror World. It was released on August 7, 2013.

Dangerous Dimensions

This is Stormer, commander of Alpha Team, reporting. Since our recent adventure in another dimension, I have launched a project to map alternate realities. These are universes existing in the same space as our own, but separated by a different level of vibration. In these realities, places and people may be familiar yet changed from what we know. Here is a small sample of what we have discovered thus far:

Reality 11275.6

In this universe, Alpha Team was badly damaged on an early mission and the Hero Factory initiative eventually collapsed. With no one to oppose them, the villains took over the galaxy. Makuhero City was renamed Von Nebula City and governed from the monstrous Citadel. Von Nebula ruled unchallenged until the attack of the evil brains (which, in this reality, had wings and were capable of firing blasts of mental energy).

Reality 45098.3

While fighting the brains, this universe’s Alpha Team uncovered a galactic conspiracy against Hero Factory. Convinced they had to act for their own survival, the Heroes crushed the conspiracy and then took steps to make sure no one could threaten them again. In doing so, Stormer and his team became galactic dictators.

Reality 37834.1

In this universe, Von Nebula never turned coward and instead rose to lead Hero Factory on Mr. Makuhero’s retirement. He died a hero, fighting off an attack by a newly revived Legion of Darkness.

Reality 09091.5

Furno's rookie mission turned out to be a disaster in this reality and he quit Hero Factory, taking some of other younger Heroes with him. He eventually set up a rival organization, Justice Apex, and the two now compete to keep the galaxy safe (and fight each other almost as often as they fight villains).

Reality 50678.2

Zib's invention of a remote reprogrammer led to all villains being turned into useful members of society. With no more crime to fight, Hero Factory shut down and the Heroes travelled to other galaxies in search of adventure.

These are just a few of the alternate realities we have discovered. What others might be out there? And what realities might you find in your adventures?



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