Mission: Guard the Princess

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Mission: Guard the Princess
Objective Guard the ruling dignitary of the Seginus planet
Hero Team Zed 4 Team
Location Seginus
Result Suzerian garners increased political standing

Mission: Guard the Princess was a bodyguarding assignment, where the Zed 4 Team was forced to guard the princess of the planet Seginus.


Team Assigned

Zed 4 Team

  • Rachel Dodge (leader)
  • Matthew Flare
  • Lily Fox
  • Ian Grey


Protect the Suzerain during her tour of the war-torn provinces of Seginus.


The outlying provinces on the planet Seginus have been at war for over 100 years, until a peace treaty finally caused a cessation of hostilities. In the wake of the treaty, the Suzerian, ruling dignitary of the planet, wished to tour the regions, and was assigned Hero team Zed 4 as protective detail.

The Suzerian are reputed for their fearless nature, and so the current Suzerian took Zed 4 through a multitude of dangerous areas and routes, like swamps and active volcanoes, encountering various creatures such as ice serpents and an acidic cloud creature. Eventually, team leader Dodge spoke with the princess and convinced her to admit that she was actually afraid, and was putting them all in dangerous situations in order to prove the lack of fear required by her station.


During a meeting between the Suzerian and two warlords, Dodge engineered an avalanche, and made it seem as if her team had been saved by the Suzerian. The Suzerian gained a confidence boost from situation, and the warlords in turn gained a new respect for the apparently heroic leader, increasing her political standing.

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