Mission: Core Hunter

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"Mission: Core Hunter" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

This article is about the mission. You may be looking for the villain.

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Mission: Core Hunter
Objective Apprehend Core Hunter
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Two planets and a freighter
Result Core Hunter apprehended

"Mission: Core Hunter" was a mission that occurred seven years ago. It was where the Alpha 1 Team tried to find and arrest a Hero-turned-villain called Core Hunter, who was stealing pieces of a mysterious doomsday device called the Doom Box.


Team Assigned



Find and arrest Core Hunter, and try to recover the three mysterious items that he stole.


Seven years ago, a Hero-turned-villain called Core Hunter bought a map from a felow villain named Speeda Demon. The map, created by Deneb, revealed secret locations of all three pieces of a mysterious doomsday weapon called the Doom Box, which were spread across the galaxy, each piece in a different planets. Core Hunter went to retrieve them to make the threat of him using the weapon to make himself the ruler of the galaxy. He ignored valuable items in the pieces' locations along the way when the Hero Factory thought he had a chance to do so.


Core Hunter robbed the pieces from their locations, which caught the attention of the Hero Factory, so they dispatched the Alpha 1 Team, which consisted of Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer, and Dunkan Bulk, to go find and arrest Core Hunter, and try to recover the Doom Box pieces, one by one. The Hero Factory did not know what the pieces are, but they knew that they are pieces of a larger item.

Bulk's Hunt

On the first location, one of the pieces was hidden in a secret underground vault in a city in a planet in the Omega system, where short, blue humanoid-looking robots, including We Who Serve, live, and the vault was guarded specifically against intruders. Core Hunter had someone disassemble him and waited until he was eventually taken inside the vault from the crate he was hiding in. Once inside, Core Hunter rebuilt himself, stole the fragment, and escaped, leaving behind a spent Hero Core to use it as a calling card. Core Hunter hid the Doom Box fragment in a Duradium mine, while situating himself in a nearby power plant south of the mine.

Bulk was called into the planet to investigate a theft in there and met with We Who Serve. He investigated the vault. Examining the vault, he realized the defenses were only to stop people from getting in, not out. Bulk also deduced that the thief had someone disassemble him, put him in a crate, and had the crate stored in the vault. Once inside, the thief reassembled himself and had stolen whatever he had wanted to and left. Bulk found the spent Hero Core, making him theorize that Core Hunter was behind the operation. Bulk then theorized that Core Hunter may need a large building where there are many places to hide in, and told We Who Serve this. We Who Serve reluctantly told Bulk that the thief could be hiding in the city's main power plant. Bulk went to the plant and searched until Core Hunter trapped him in an energy net. Bulk escaped by destroying one of the plant's two power dynamos. Core Hunter set the other to explode, forcing Bulk to choose between capturing him or saving the workers in the plant. Bulk chose the latter. He hit the alarm to have the workers evacuate the plant. After Bulk also evacuated the plant, the plant exploded. Core Hunter stole a ship and then used it leave the planet.[SM1]

Stormer's Hunt

Core Hunter did simple robbery and raided a string of mansions in a resort world a light-year away from Geb's planet. He retrieved the second Doom Box fragment that way while abandoning the other stolen valuable items not far from the scenes of the crimes. Core Hunter gave it to his duplicate, who he sent to the unnamed criminal desert world. He had his duplicate let Geb hide the box fragment in a vault on Geb's refueling station.

Stormer went to the planet in pursuit of Core Hunter, and asked Geb about him. When Stormer went into the room, he narrowly avoided a trap that could have overloaded his Hero Core by jumping through a window. Realizing Core Hunter was nearby, Stormer got in his Drop Ship and flew off, pretending to give up, before returning and jumping through Core Hunter's roof. After a short tussle, Stormer attached a small device to Core Hunter's weapon called the Hero Core Remover Tool and then used it to stun the villain temporarily. Stormer apprehended Core Hunter and began dragging him to the ship before Core Hunter exploded. Stormer was then contacted by the real Core Hunter, who told him that Stormer only captured a double and he was off-planet. Stormer was forced to return to Hero Factory with no leads to pursue Core Hunter.

Stringer's Hunt

After getting the third piece from an unknown planet, Core Hunter went to hide it in an old cargo freighter in space. Upon arriving, he was attacked by a vicious winged creature.

Stringer was dispatched to get Core Hunter. He chased him with his Drop Ship, which led him to the freighter, where its crew were shocked to sleep mode by the creature. There, he was looking for Core Hunter, who was on the ship, but Stringer was attacked by the creature, too. Stringer learned that the creature is deaf, so it was immune to his Sonic Boom Weapon's sonic blasts. Core Hunter threw magnesium flares to get the creature's attention. Facing mutual death at the hands of the creature, Core Hunter suggested Stringer to work together with him to defeat the creature, and Stringer reluctantly agreed with Core Hunter. Stringer adjusted his armor to use subsonics in order to adapt to fighting the creature. The two temporary allies searched the freighter's central cargo bay and observed the crate that the creature came out of to learn about the creature. When the creature found the two again, the two hid in different spots of the room. Both of them did not trust each other, so Stringer used Core Hunter as a missile to attack the creature, angering Core Hunter. When Core Hunter attacked the creature, Stringer noticed the the creature is crying and actually wanted to get out of the freighter and go home, so Stringer stopped Core Hunter from continuing to attack the creature. Stringer explained his discovery to Core Hunter, and told him that they should lead the creature out of the freighter in order to help it go back homel Stringer navigated the creature through the airlock system while Core Hunter controlled it; however, the villain sealed the airlocks and left Stringer to die in space. The creature saved Stringer and threw him in Core Hunter's ship, and Core Hunter left in Stringer's Drop Ship.

Due to the Hero Factory tracking chip in Stringer's vehicle, the Hero Factory used the ship to take Core Hunter straight to Makuhero City, where he was finally jailed.


The Hero Factory tried to find the pieces, but to no avail.

The Hero Factory searched through the rubble in the destroyed power plant, but could not find the first piece. The incident in We Who Serve's city embarrassed its people, so they extremely improved their security, including creating a new automated security system that shoots down space ships that come to the planet, even if there are Drop Ships piloted by Heroes.

Since the Hero Factory knew that the real Core Hunter was not on the planet, they thought Core Hunter hid the second piece somewhere where the Hero Factory could not find it.

The Hero Factory searched Core Hunter's ship to find the third piece, but it did not have the piece. The Hero Factory also searched the freighter from bow to stern for the third piece, but still could not find it because it was well hidden. The Hero Factory reawakened the freighter's crew, and the freighter was emptied and docked in a ship graveyard in a planet somewhere in the center of the galaxy.

Later on, recently, when the Breakout happened, Core Hunter escaped and eventually started to go to the pieces' new hiding places to recover the pieces. This caught the attention of the Hero Factory, who discovered that the pieces' true nature, which was that they are pieces of a doomsday weapon that could destroy the galaxy when reassembled. Akiyama Makuro told Nathaniel Zib about it and had him have the Alpha 1 Team, who recruited six new Heroes, go stop Core Hunter. Zib pulled the team out of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em to do the new mission. The Heroes reviewed Mission Logs, which recorded the hunts, to figure out the pieces' new secret locations. Stormer believed that he, Bulk, and Stringer were overconfident in their hunts for Core Hunter. The team then started finding the Doom Box pieces to do the new mission.[SM1]


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