Mission: The Doom Box

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This article is about the mission. You may be looking for Doom Box (Disambiguation).

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Mission: The Doom Box
Objective Prevent the Doom Box from being formed
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Four planets
Result Core Hunter disappears, the Doom Box is rendered non-functioning

Mission: The Doom Box was a secret mission[FO:MSG] that interrupted the Alpha 1 Team's participation in Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em to stop a rogue Hero called Core Hunter from assembling an extremely powerful weapon called the Doom Box.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Division

Team's Allies



Investigate the Doom Box and prevent it from being reformed and destroying the galaxy.


After Core Hunter escaped from the Hero Factory Villain Storage during the Breakout, he first went to Makuhero City to steal Hero Cores from any Hero that he encountered, but Dunkan Bulk chased him during Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em. Core Hunter then started to look for the three pieces of the Doom Box, which he hid before his imprisonment seven years ago.


Akiyama Makuro had discovered that Core Hunter was going after the Doom Box, a weapon that was rumored to be able to destroy the galaxy. He told Nathaniel Zib about it. Zib issued a Delta Red warning and the mission to apprehend Core Hunter once and for all began.

After reviewing the missions against Core Hunter in the past, Heroes were sent to where Core Hunter was thought to be hiding three Doom Box fragments with Nex and Evo running the mission from Hero Factory. Stormer stated that the fragments are a higher priority to deal with, and if he and his fellow teammates see Core Hunter during the searches, they have to alert the Hero Factory immediately.

Search for the first piece

Bulk and Breez were sent to an unnamed criminal planet, in a refueling station, and talked to Geb, pretending to be smugglers. He led them into the vault where Core Hunter's duplicate had stored the fragment but was sent into space by Core Hunter's anti-gravity device. Core Hunter then used another of the devices to get the fragment, but Bulk fired his Missile Launcher at him. However, Arctur saved Core Hunter and told him to hurry to the fragment in a mine. After Arctur disappeared, Bulk and Breez chased Core Hunter, but Core Hunter had the station's villains fight Bulk and Breez by telling them that he will pay them when they do so. The villains attacked the Heroes while Core Hunter used this to get away. The Heroes defeated the villains, and destroyed the station along the way.

Search for the second piece

Arriving at that very mine was Stormer and Furno, who were attacked by the mine's planet's city's automated security system. After the Heroes landed safely near the mine, they broke in the mine to try to find the Boom Box fragment there, but they discovered fake dust that Core Hunter put to cover his tracks. The Duradium in the mine attacked the Heroes, but the Heroes survived by getting out of the mine. They were threatened by security robots called Sentinel Mechanoids until they were registered as Heroes. Returning to the ship, they saw Arctur, who gave them Speeda Demon's name, prompting Stormer to call Rocka.

Rocka went to the prison on Asteroid J-54 to interview Splitface about Speeda Demon, and got the location of where the Doom Box was forged, and met Arctur there. Arctur told Rocka to wait.

Search for the third piece

Stringer and Surge arrived at a ship graveyard where Core Hunter was going after the final fragment. Fighting through henchmen, they were joined by Bulk, Breez, Stormer, and Furno. In the ensuing fight, Surge impulsively fired at Core Hunter, and the villain's resulting spasms caused him to reform the Doom Box, something he never intended to do. However, the Doom Box did not activate. Arctur appeared and disassembled it and transported Core Hunter to where the Doom Box was forged, the only place it could be activated. Arctur directed the Heroes there, revealing that he plans for Core Hunter to activate the weapon, and then he will use his Hero Core Remover Tool to absorb the Doom Box energies to end its threat.

Final battle

Joining with Rocka, they confronted Core Hunter, Stormer, with the help of Bulk, Furno, and Stringer, goaded him into activating the weapon, but this provoked Core Hunter to use his Plasma Shooter to try to kill Stormer, but Arctur took the shot from the weapon and got killed instead. Right after Core Hunter activated the box, Breez used the Hero Core Removal Tool to absorb the Doom Box's energy, ending its threat, but giving Core Hunter massive power. Core Hunter used the power to defeat all of the Heroes except for Surge. He offered Surge a place for his new empire. Sirge was thinking about it and was tempted to do it at first because he is always worried about having a flaw that will turn him evil someday, but he knew that if he joined Core Hunter, he would be no better than the villains that the Alpha 1 Team fought, so Surge ultimately declined Core Hunter's offer. Core Hunter tried to use the power to attack Surge, but Surge forced it back into Core Hunter, making the villain's body fold onto itself and vanish.


The Heroes returned the Doom Box to Hero Factory. Stormer and Zib tried to find Core Hunter, but to no avail. Surge and Stormer wondered why some Heroes like Core Hunter turn bad. The Heroes went back to doing their regular duties and re-continuing Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.[SM1]

Core Hunter somehow survived his ordeal with the Doom Box's energy and lost it because of the incident, and went to continue his criminal activities. However, Bulk was able to recapture him this time.[SM5][FO:MSG]



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