Mission: Collision Course

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This article is about the mission. You may be looking for the novel.

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Mission: Collision Course
Objective Stop the Valiant from crashing into Makuhero City
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location The Valiant
Result The Brains on the ship are defeated, and the Valiant knocked off course

Mission: Collision Course was a mission undertaken by Alpha 1 Team to prevent the Valiant from colliding into Makuhero City.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Division


Brain-Influenced Crew


The Valiant was determined by Hero Factory to be on a collision course with Makuhero City, and Alpha Team discovered that it had been overrun by Brains intent on destroying Hero Factory.


One of Preston Stormer's old friends Aquax was the Captain of the Valiant, and employed technician Xera and security guard Kirch. They encountered a swarm of Brains in deep space, and brought one into the ship. Kirch attempted to destroy the Brain, but it ended up affixing itself to and controlling Kirch. Kirch allowed the other Brains to enter the ship, and they directed it to destroy Hero Factory.


Upon hearing the alarm, Heroes Natalie Breez and Daniel Rocka were dispatched to the ship. They boarded it, and detected an unusual amount of organic lifeforms on the ship. At Hero Factory, William Furno and Dunkan Bulk suggested that the ship be destroyed, preventing a collision, as they doubted that Breez and Rocka could stop the ship. Knowing that Aquax was Captain, and sensing something wrong in the communications he exchanged with him, Stormer followed Breez and Rocka to the Valiant. On the ship, Breez first encountered a Brain in the vents, and met Xera who told her that she was running from Brains. Nearing the ship, Stormer contacted Aquax and determined that Aquax was not being himself, and Aquax fired upon Stormer. Stormer survived by hiding in radar-jamming asteroids, and at that moment Kirch (controlled by the Swarm Leader of the Brains), detected Rocka in auxiliary control and went to capture him. Aquax then let Stormer aboard the ship, hoping to let him get controlled by the Brains. Bulk made the call to send Drop Ships to destroy the Valiant, and began to pen his resignation. Kirch captured Rocka while stormer met up with Breez and saved several crew members from the Brains' control. Nathan Evo arrived in the Drop Ships, and used new orders from Furno and Bulk (now on their way), to activate all their tractor beams to slow the ship. Kirch had to rush to the command deck to try and reverse it. There Xera tried to betray Breez and was stopped, followed by Bulk and Furno arriving and forcing Kirch from the control deck, but now the Valiant was heading into the sun. Kirch and the remaining Brain-controlled crew members attempted to flee but were vaporized by the sun, and the freed Aquax worked to use explosives on the ship to avoid the collision with the sun.


Aquax promised that the Heroes would be trusted to guard the outer regions of the galaxy, and Stormer refused to accept Bulk's resignation. However, the two agreed that they'd see more of the Brains.


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