Mission: Robot Rampage

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This article is about the mission. You may be looking for the novel.

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Mission: Robot Rampage
Objective Locate missing Hero Jimi Stringer
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Tranquis VII
Result The Brains are defeated, and the Galactic Conspiracy's Project Sunstorm shut down

Mission: Robot Rampage was a secret mission[FO:MSG] executed by Alpha 1 Team to rescue Jimi Stringer, who had vanished on Tranquis VII. The mission revealed that the Brains had invaded the planet.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team


Brain-Influenced Beings

Galactic Conspiracy


Jimi Stringer set a distress signal to Hero Factory from Tranquis VII, where he had been in a deep cover mission for a week. William Furno and Dunkan Bulk were dispatched to the planet to investigate.


Tranquis VII was a vacation planet that Stringer was sent to in a mission because the planet's only city called Tranquis' communications were downed. Stringer was not involved in Mission: Collision Course because of this. The mission quickly went bad when a swarm of Brains took over the cty's population, and used their bodies to attack Stringer.

A week later, he used the city's remaining working communications tower to send a distress signal to the Hero Factory. Furno got the call, but it was cut off when a Brain possessed Stringer.


Bulk and Furno arrived on the planet using a prototype Drop Ship with a cloaking device, but not after avoiding ships near the planet that fired upon them. The city of Tranquis was deserted, but Bulk spotted a lone robot, and tunneled underground with Furno following. They accidentally burst into an area filled with security robots, but Furno used a flashbang to defeat them. The Heroes went back above-ground, and scaled a building, but saw that robots controlled by Brains were surrounding the base of the building, but they did not appear to be fully controlled. A Brain-controlled Stringer ambushed the two Heroes, and attempted to control them with Brains, but Karter saved them. Karter brought them to his laboratory and his boss, Dumacc, who insisted that the Heroes leave Tranquis and not expose the laboratory. They refused, and were stripped of their weapons and placed in a cell. At Hero Factory, Stormer received a call from Stringer saying a rebellion needed to be crushed, but knew that it was not like Stringer. Furno and Bulk staged a jailbreak, but were armed by Dumacc to defend his lab from Brains. Karter and Bulk grabbed the Brains' attention while Furno went to fight and save Stringer. Stormer arrived and took control of the prototype Drop Ship while Stringer offered Furno a place in his empire. Furno cuffed him and Stringer attempted suicide, but landed on the prototype Drop Ship, where Furno removed his Brain. They went back to the lab in time to stop Brains from activating Dumacc's superweapon Project Sunstorm, which was a weapon harnessing the sun of Tranquis' energy to devastate worlds, and created by the Galactic Conspiracy.


While Heroes captured all the Brains in the city and were cleaning up the mess there, Nathaniel Zib examined Project Sunstorm, but was knocked out by Karter, who destroyed the weapon. When Bulk noticed, Karter tried to injure him, but Bulk defeated and arrested him.[SM4]

All of the Brain-possessed robots are freed from their Brain parasites.[SM5]

Karter was imprisoned in Hero Factory, but had fulfilled his objective to get into the building.[SM4]



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