Mission: Legion of Darkness

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Mission: Legion of Darkness
Objective Alpha 1 Team try to disband the Legion of Darkness
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Mechna, two more planets, Asteroid J-54, Makuhero City
Result Legion of Darkness disbanded and incarcerated

Mission: Legion of Darkness was a mission that occurred at the early years of the Hero Factory, and pitted the Alpha 1 Team against the newly-formed Legion of Darkness.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team


Legion of Darkness


Defend the galaxy and the Hero Factory from the attacks of the Legion of Darkness.


The newly-opened Hero Factory had proven to be a galaxy-wide success. The villains everywhere feared committing crimes, and were scared of being caught and imprisoned forever in the Hero Factory Asteroid J-54 prison. Jawblade, Thornraxx, Splitface and Speeda Demon were approached by a villain called Black Phantom who informed the others of his monitoring of the Factory and discussed about a plan to form a Legion of Darkness to bring the Factory down. The four villains accept and joined forces with Black Phantom.


The Legion of Darkness proceeded to assault a plant belonging to Makuro Industries in the planet Mechna, with Thornraxx hijacking a shipment of industrial robots in order to modify their programming to cause havoc across the galaxy, albeit Black Phantom keeps one as his personal servant. Hearing about the hijacking, Thresher arrived in Mechna while Preston Stormer and Jimi Stringer were tasked to monitor some mining robots from the Aird Mining Corporation. The mining robots started to attack the pair of Heroes, but were saved by the reprogrammed XT4 robot, claiming that he was a new Alpha 1 Team rookie. Black Phantom observed the pair of Heroes as they left and ordered Splitface and Speeda Demon to steal an ore freighter.

At the Hero Factory, Stringer and Stormer met Dunkan Bulk and Von Ness and left XT4 alone in a room. There, Stormer found out XT4's true side when Splitface activates XT4's secondary layer of programming which made XT4 steal the entire database of Hero Factory and escape in a Drop Ship, headed to the Asteroid J-54 in order to free Voltix and Toxic Reapa who were imprisoned. After trying to escape with the pair of villains, XT4 was attacked by Bulk and Von Ness. XT4 managed to free all the villains in captivity and gets to the roof, but Von Ness followed him using his gravity weapon. Meanwhile, Splitface and Speeda Demon put explosives inside the ore freighter, and got inside Black Phantom's Drop Ship. Black Phantom introduced the Legion of Darkness to Stormer and Stringer, before the explosion of the ore freighter managed to engulf the two Heroes. Von Ness allows XT4, Voltix and Toxic Reapa to escape before Thresher arrived and picked up the heroes.

Days later, Stormer woke up in the presence of Thresher, Nathaniel Zib and the rest of the Alpha 1 Team. Thresher informed Stormer of the accident at Asteroid J-54 and how it ruined Hero Factory's reputation across the galaxy, with Akiyama Makuro being forced to close down the Factory. Von Ness, Bulk and Stringer began to depart to work at Makuro Industries plants as security, but Stormer gave them Hero Transmitters before they leave. Black Phantom ordered the villains to board a Drop Ship, and they arrived in Makuhero City in order to destroy the Hero Factory building. After Jawblade landed in a body of water near the building, he used XT4's information to power down the Factory's external defences. XT4 and Splitface invaded Hero Factory's power core and began to attack it. Speeda Demon, Toxic Reapa and Voltix landed on top of the Assembly Tower and overpower Thresher.

Stormer discovered XT4 and Splitface, and attacked the former, and tangled XT4 in metal coils while Stormer barricaded himself in a room as he contacted the other Heroes for backup. Splitface managed to break into the room but Stormer opened a secret hatch opened below him. Stormer tried to attacked XT4 but was interrupted by Black Phantom, who told the Hero of his plans to get the Legion captured so that he is the only one to take credit for Hero Factory's doom. Von Ness, Bulk and Stringer arrive, with Von Ness taking XT4 down in the process. The Heroes chase Black Phantom into the Assembly Tower where they find Thresher alive. Von Ness dropped Thresher's gravity while Stormer played a recording of Black Phantom explaining his treachery. The villains attacked Black Phantom and got captured in the ensuing argument.


Black Phantom's treachery was exposed, and the Legion of Darkness was disbanded and imprisoned. Thresher hid the existence of the mission for thinking that it was nearly a failure. Zib told the Alpha 1 Team that Makuro is going to reopen the Hero Factory. Later that day, Makuro reopened the Hero Factory.


  • In Secret Mission 5: Mirror World, in an alternate universe, Von Ness betrayed the Hero Factory early during the events of Secret Mission 2: Legion of Darkness, so he sold the plans for thr Hero Factory building to Black Phantom. Black Phantom used the plans to make a plan, where he formed the Legion of Darkness and the villains went to destroy the Hero Factory. The villains succeeded in doing so.


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