Mission: Mirror World

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Mission: Mirror World
Objective Defeat many villains in Reality 11275.6, go back to the prime reality, find out who sabotaged the generator
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Hero Factory, Reality 11275.6
Result The villains defeated, the Heroes went back to the prime reality, caught Karter and threatened his boss

Mission: Mirror World was a secret mission[FO:MSG] where four members of the Alpha 1 Team, Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, William Furno, and Natalie Breez, being accidentally sent by Karter to an alternate universe, which would then be called Reality 11275.6, or "Mirror World", and where Von Ness betrayed the Hero Factory early during the Hero Factory's early days and ruled much of the galaxy. The Heroes went to find a way back to the prime reality and find out who sent them to the alternate reality.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Reality 11275.6 Allies


Main Reality Enemies

Galactic Conspiracy

Reality 11275.6 Enemies

The Citadel


Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, William Furno, and Natalie Breez got accidentally sent by Karter to an alternate universe, which would then be called Reality 11275.6 and where Von Ness betrayed the Hero Factory early during the Hero Factory's early days. The Heroes went to find a way back to the prime reality and find out who sent them to the alternate reality.


Weeks after Mission: Robot Rampage, Stormer called Furno, Breez, and Bulk to a meeting. He told them about a new energy source for the Hero Factory technology, which Nathaniel Zib ran calculations on for days, and Stormer's plan to have the other Heroes and himself test the energy source with a generator in the next day. Karter, who is a member of the Galactic Conspiracy and imprisoned by the Hero Factory corporation for his crimes in Tranquis VII, secretly got a solid-light hologram generator from a fellow member named Perjast and used it to sabotage the Heroes' power generator in the Hero Factory's testing chamber without making it look sabotaged. On the next day, the four Heroes go to guard and test the power generator, but due to the sabotage, the generator knocked the Heroes unconscious and teleported them to an alternate universe, in a desert warehouse, in a deserted warehouse district. The alternate reality would then be called "Reality 11275.6" and was where Von Ness betrayed the Hero Factory early during the Hero Factory's early days.


The Alpha 1 Team members woke up. After Breez realized she and her fellow Heroes had been spatially displaced, the Heroes got out of the warehouse and noticed the warehouse district. The Heroes noticed an attacker robbing a person of a box of tools. After the Heroes stopped the robber, the robber and the victim looked at the Heroes as criminals, confusing them. Bulk realized they are at the same coordinates as they were before, as they believed they are in Makuhero City. The four Heroes wanted to learn about the strange new changes in the city, so they went to Makuhero University, which is mysteriously renamed "Von Nebula University", that night. The Heroes asked a female small, thin, clerk robot called L-22 from the university to help them learn about the city's history, and she suggested using a device called a Histotron to do so. When Stormer used the device, which looks different from the one the Heroes know, and got his answers from it, he told his fellow Heroes to leave the university. Stormer then told them that they are in the alternate universe, where there is no Hero Factory, and Makuhero City was renamed "Von Nebula City". Stormer told the Heroes that they have to find a way back to their universe. The alternate reality Von Ness, who became a villain called Von Nebula, eventually became aware of the four Heroes' presense.

The Alpha 1 Team Heroes used an abandoned building near Von Nebula's headquarters called the Citadel as a temporary base. They came up with a plan to meet Von Nebula and see if the universe has its own version of the generator, as they theorized that the Citadel may have it. On the next three days, the Heroes attacked many villains in Von Nebula University, including two Citadel inner circle villains, Splitface and Jawblade, and thwarted their crimes, and got away with these actions while pretending to be a new gang of villains. The actions got the Citadel's attention, angering them. Von Nebula became curious about the Heroes, so he wanted negotiations with them. He sent a member of the Citadel's inner circle, XT4, to find them and deliver the message. XT4 stole a shipment of protean space gems in the center of Von Nebula City, which got the four Heroes' attention. XT4 told them the message, and then Stormer told him to tell Von Nebula that he and his team want a meeting with him and the Citadel's inner circle inside there. XT4 left in the afternoon to tell his fellow inner circle members.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the galaxy, not in Von Nebula City's sensor array's range, the Brains, who were flying in outer space, sensed the presence of the Heroes. They learned who they are, so they started to investigate in order to find a way to conquer their universe's galaxy.

Thirty-six hours later, in Von Nebula City, the Citadel's inner circle bound Jawblade in chains in a large water tank and delivered to the Heroes to show that the Citadel wishes to meet the Heroes at their place. The Heroes went to the Citadel while a group of the Citadel's inner circle's guards and bounty hunters called the Jolters was shocked to see Furno as his alternate reality counterpart was still in prison. The Heroes met six members of the inner circle, who were Von Nebula, Speeda Demon, XT4, Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, and Core Hunter. During the two groups' conversation, Von Nebula was shocked to see Stormer, so he had a small group of Jolters imprison the Heroes, so he would interrogate them, despite Stormer demanding him to hand the Citadel to the Heroes. However, the Heroes defeated the group of Jolters. They planned a breakout for the Heroes in the Citadel's prison. They first free the alternate reality William, who did not trust the prime realty Heroes at first, but Furno convinced him to be free from the prison and help them free the other prisoners. William accepted his counterpart's words and started helping him and his fellow prime reality Heroes. The five Heroes freed all of the prisoners. Meanwhile, a member of the inner circle, Voltix, noticed the breakout and was about to summon all reserve guards to stop the prisoners and their liberators when he got notified by one of the Citadel's technicians about the Brains coming.

Meanwhile, Stormer convinced the former prisoners to fight the Citadel. The prime reality Heroes heard Voltix announcing to the Citadel about the invasion of the Brains on the city. The Heroes used security cameras to see what was going on outside of the prison. The Brains revealed to be different from the ones in the prime reality by being larger, having wings, and being able to shoot devastating mental blasts. The alternate reality Brains attacked and knocked Splitface and a fellow member of the inner circle, Thornraxx, unconscious to get them out of the way. While the prisoners were fighting the Jolters, Breez noticed that the Brains were not focused on controlling the city's residents. Two of the Brains met Von Nebula. The Brains have the ability to communicate telepathically, so Von Nebula asked them what do they want in order to convince them to stop the invasion. The Brains told him that they seek the prime reality Heroes and information from them. Von Nebula made a deal with them where he wanted information from the Heroes as well. So, the Brains and Von Nebula allied with each other. The invasion stopped. Alpha Team went to the upper floors to see why. They noticed the Brains having allied with Von Nebula. The Brains sensed, found, and knocked the Heroes unconscious. They wanted to cancel their bargain with Von Nebula since they had the Heroes, but he convinced the Brains to keep it. One of the Brains told Von Nebula that when it was done getting the information from one of the Heroes, there may be a little left in the Hero's mind.

Von Nebula took away the Heroes' equipment and had them imprisoned. He then had one of the Brains read Stormer's mind. While the Brain was reading his mind, Stormer learned about what the Brains are. The Brains are radically different from the ones from the main universe. Instead of being created, they evolved naturally. They are nomadic warriors who conquered several worlds, and are interested in causing destruction in wherever they go rather than ruling over others. They cannot control beings' minds for an indefinite time, as their hosts burn out quickly. The Brains searched for technology to manufacture robotic bodies that do not have minds of their own and they would use as new bodies and to eliminate their weakness of being organic. The Brains would then use the robotic bodies to make and use battle machines. However, the technology was not present in their universe. The Brains learnws of Hero Factory, which they see as a way to become unstoppable. They planned to use the alternate reality's generator to get to the prime reality to conquer Stormer's galaxy. After Stormer's Brain read his mind, Stormer's mind is intact, and he tricked the Brains and Von Nebula into thinking that the Brain that read his mind made him mindless. The Brain told Von Nebula about who the prime reality Stormer really is and his Von Nebula not being a ruler or distorted like the alternate reality Von Nebula. The alternate reality Von Nebula becomed worried about the possibility of the counterpart following his Stormer in the alternate universe and overthrowing the alternate reality Von Nebula. The Brains told the alternate reality Von Nebula to lead them to the generator, which he and his fellow inner circle members were using to test their power source, making Von Nebula deduce that the prime reality's generator is how the prime reality Heroes got in his universe. Von Nebula told the Brains that he will have to complete his generator first and warned the Brains that using it now could mean their destruction if it is not completed. The Brains knew that Stormer did not know how to use the generator for trans-dimensional travel, so they agreed to let Von Nebula complete the generator, so he could make it work.

Von Nebula had the Jolters deliver Stormer back to his fellow prime reality Heroes. The Heroes were shocked to see Stormer being mindless, so they got angry and wanted to avenge their friend. They were about to free themselves when Stormer revealed that his mind is intact and helped them free themselves and himself. Stormer told the Heroes that the alternate reality does have its own generator, but he wanted to stay in the alternate reality to prevent the Brains from using the generator, much to the Heroes' worries. The Heroes found Core Hunter, who was arguing with two Brains for barring him from entering the testing laboratory, where the generator is. The Heroes secretly captured and convinced him to help them fight the Brains because the Brains cannot be trusted when they get what they want, as the Brains will destroy the Citadel. Core Hunter helped the Heroes get their stolen equipment back. He distracted the two Brains guarding the door to the laboratory by convincing them to leave it, so Stormer defeated and made them unconscious. Furno then knocked Core Hunter unconscious. The Heroes stole Core Hunter's lab pass and used it to enter the laboratory.

The Heroes found the generator, but they discovered that half of an Amelium cylinder, which is needed for the generator to work, was missing. Von Nebula showed up, showed the Heroes the missing half in his possession, and threatened to destroy it if the Heroes fight him. He proposed an alliance with the Heroes against the Brains because he did not want his prime reality counterpart to win, and his fellow Citadel villains were barred from entry. Von Nebula also did not want the Citadel to be destroyed if the Brains learned that he betrayed them. When he gave the Heroes the missing half, he also revealed that he actually imprisoned Akiyama Makuro, who made the cylinder three years ago, while Von Nebula made the Histotron misinform people about Makuro disappearing and probably being deactivated, so Stormer was misinformed by the Histotron about Makuro. Von Nebula escorted Stormer to Makuro's cell while the other Heroes guarded the laboratory. Makuro at first did not trust Stormer, but Stormer told him that he is from a different universe where Makuro's dream of running the Hero Factory came true and created the second wave of Heroes. This gave Makuro hope and made him want to help Stormer and Von Nebula.

Meanwhile the Brains got impatient, so they sent one of their own to investigate the testing laboratory. When the Brain seed Stormer's fellow Heroes occupying it, it discovered that it and its kind had been betrayed by the Citadel, so it went to warn its leaders. Meanwhile, William, Jimi Stringer, and the other former prisoners, who took some Jolters' gear, were hiding in the Citadel's waterfront while the Brains were heading to the Citadel and Jolters defending it from them. William wanted to go back to the Citadel to help the prime reality Heroes, despite Stringer and one of the former prisoners' protests. Stringer gave William a small, black device, which is a communicator that their Alpha 1 Team used to use before the Hero Factory was destroyed and Stringer salvaged since his imprisonment. William used it to contact the alternate reality Stormer, shocking William and the other Heroes. Preston told William that he and his fellows will come to their location and defeat the Citadel finally.

Meanwhile, Makuro was in the Citadel's auxiliary laboratory for more than 15 minutes, creating a low-emission beta wave weapon that can put a few Brains at a time to sleep. The Brains resumed their attack on the prime reality Heroes and the Citadel. Makuro suggested the prime reality Stormer and Von Nebula to divert the Brains' attention, so Stormer and Von Nebula can pick them off. The Heroes and the Citadel fought the Brains while Stormer used the jammer to defeat six of the Brains, as the device can defeat six Brains at a time. Von Nebula and the Heroes headed to the Citadel's roof to make the fight easier for them. When Von Nebula noticed a unit of Jolters getting defeated by the Brains, this worried him, so he impatiently took the jammer from Stormer and used it to defeat some more Brains aggressively. However, this got the other Brains' attention, so the Brains started to overwhelm the Heroes and Von Nebula. However, the alternate reality versions of the Alpha 1 Team, including Preston, William, and Stringer, the former prisoners, and the alternate reality Preston's group of fellow Heroes came to help the Heroes defeat the Brains. Von Nebula got surprised to see his Stormer, allowing Breez to make him let go of the jammer and then Furno taking it. The Heroes split the Brains into smaller groups, so Furno can use the jammer to take down one of the groups at a time. Von Nebula got so angry to see his Stormer that he tried to use the Black Hole Hole Staff to destroy him, but when the staff was generating its energies, both Stormer's shot at the energies at the same time, causing it to cause Von Nebula's body to fold onto itself and vanish, finally ending his reign. The Brains destroyed the inner circle and the Jolters. The Heroes from both universes defeated the Brains. They celebrated their victory while peace was finally restored.

The prime reality Furno and prime reality Bulk made the generator work and able to do trans-dimensional travel. Preston, William, and Makuro told them and the other two prime reality Heroes that with Von Nebula gone, and the inner circle and the Jolters destroyed by the Brains, they will get rid of the rest of the Citadel and re-create the Hero Factory. They also plan to destroy the generator to prevent any invaders from coming to the prime reality after the prime reality Heroes use the generator to go back to their universe. Bulk said that he and his fellow prime reality Heroes would like to come visit them someday and somehow. The two groups said their goodbyes to each other. After the alternate reality Heroes and Makuro left the laboratory, the prime reality Heroes used the generator to return home.

After the prime reality Heroes came back to their reality, they learned from Zib that everyone who evacuated Hero Factory went back inside. They found and captured Perjast, who was already trapped in the Hero Factory's repair bay. They interrogated him, and made him confess that it was Karter who sabotaged the prime reality's generator. The Heroes and Zib tricked Karter into thinking that the generator is causing a second explosion before he continues running, so the the Heroes could catch him. This shocked Karter, so he uses his communicator to call the Galactic Conspiracy's leader. Karter pleaded with his contact to save him, but the contact refused to avoid exposure. The Heroes appeared, revealing that the second explosion is a ruse that they created to catch Karter. Stormer stole the communicator and threatened the contact. However, the contact said that the Heroes need Karter to find him and the Conspiracy, and then he killed Karter from afar to prevent the Heroes from finding the contact.


Later, in a viewport in the Hero Factory, Stormer was thinking about his alternate reality counterpart. After Breez came to the viewport, she and Stormer talked about Von Nebula City's history and the possible future of their alternate reality counterparts, where they will finally get the same things the prime reality Stormer and prime reality Breez have. After Breez left the viewport, Stormer was also thinking about the Galactic Conspiracy coming closer in their plan to fight the Hero Factory. He also thought about Von Nebula City's history, and wishes that his alternate reality counterpart will have a better life after the Brain invasion in the city.[SM5]

Later, Stormer studied the alternate universe and more than four others.(Dangerous Dimensions)



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