Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em

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Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em
Objective Recapture all villains that escaped in the breakout
Hero Team All Heroes
Location The entire galaxy
Result Black Phantom and all escapees jailed

Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, named by Nathaniel Zib,[Episode 8] is the galactic effort by the Hero Factory made in order to recapture every one of their previously imprisoned convicts, who escaped in a mass breakout.


Teams Assigned

All available Heroes were recalled for the mission and sent out on solo runs, a break in standard Hero Factory protocol. Each of them got a new pair of Hero Cuffs, which can be thrown and seek out their target.

Alpha 1 Team members outfitted after the Breakout

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Division

Hero Recon Team

Recon Team Omega

Other Heroes

  • Many other Heroes


All imprisoned villains escaped from the Hero Factory's Villain Storage during the breakout, with the exception of Von Nebula, whose whereabouts are unknown. When the villains arrived at their desired destinations, they started doing their various schemes rather than hiding. Those who were encountered as a result of the mission include:

The Breakout


Recapture every escaped villain and investigate the truth of the breakout.


The villain Voltix deliberately allowed himself to be captured by William Furno and Daniel Rocka, and once inside the prison, used his electrical power to project an entity to trigger Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff, which disabled all of the prison's functions while simultaneously providing an escape route for every captured villain. When the villains got to their desired destinations, they started doing their various schemes rather than hiding. Every available Hero was recalled from their mission and armed with brand new Hero Cuffs, while the villain Black Phantom infiltrated the Factory.


Zib called an emergency meeting where he previewed the new Hero Cuffs, which can fly and seek out their target, and sent every Hero off to recapture the villains, identifiable due to tracking chips installed in containment. However, Rocka was ordered to stay behind by the Hero Recon Team to investigate the Black Hole Orb Staff. Nathan Evo was sent after Toxic Reapa, William Furno after Jawblade, Mark Surge after Splitface, Jimi Stringer after Voltix, Preston Stormer after Speeda Demon, Natalie Breez after Thornraxx, Dunkan Bulk after Core Hunter, Julius Nex after XT4, and the new Alpha 1 Team recruit after the mutated industrial robot.


Evo in combat against Toxic Reapa

Arriving at Z'chaya with "Omega" and a Recon Team deployment, Evo carefully moved through the jungle in search of Toxic Reapa. Toxic Reapa announced his plan to infect larvae and make an insectoid army. Despite Evo's best efforts, Toxic Reapa's knowledge of the terrain gave him a huge advantage. Unsuccessfully trying to use his Tank Arm-enhanced Plasma Gun on him, Evo called Furno for advice. Told to follow his guts by Furno, Evo utilized his Plasma Gun to launch himself at Toxic Reapa, cuffing him.


Furno in combat against Jawblade

Furno was outfitted with an Aquajet Pack to go underwater on Scylla and combat the aquatic villain Jawblade, accompanied by Omega and his/her group of Hero Recon Team members.(Omega Recon Reports) Furno tried to throw his Hero Cuffs at Jawblade, but the cuffs are not designed to move underwater, so they moved slowly. Jawblade knocked them to the seabed and then fought Furno. During the fight, Jawblade found a chunk of Oxidium, a fast-acting rusting agent on Scylla, on the seabed. He used the chunk to rust Furno's systems and revealed his plan was to use the Oxidium to incapacitate the Heroes. After getting a message from Evo, who asked for advice in his battle, Furno supercharged his Hero Core to reverse the effects of the Oxidium, and then he used his harpoon to quickly send his Hero Cuffs to Jawblade, cuffing him.

Sigma Sigma

Surge in combat against Splitface

Surge arrived in the Sigma Sigma system to combat Splitface, who was going to begin destroying a communication satellite called the Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite. In the battle that occurred, Splitface initially managed to succeed, paralyzing Surge and throwing him at a large asteroid to push it the satellite. Though Surge cut two-thirds of the asteroid, it still headed toward the satellite. Surge used Splitface's split personality to his advantage, shocking the villain. Surge threw Splitface at the asteroid to destroy it, and then captured him.

Kollix IV

Stormer XL racing against Speeda Demon

Outfitted in XL Breakout armor and an Ultra Mach Speed Cycle, Stormer was sent after Speeda Demon who was on Kollix IV accompanied by Recon Team members, including Omega. Speeda Demon was attempting to knock out power systems on the planet. Stormer engaged Speeda Demon in a high-speed chase, and they raced through the ice pathways of the planet. Stormer was able to use his Hero Cuffs to cuff one of Speeda Demon's hands, making the villain spin out of control on his Nitro Rocket Motorbike. Speeda Demon crashed to an icy mountain. Stormer recaptured Speeda Demon, whose armor got damaged as a result of the crash.

Makuhero City

Core Hunter went to Makuhero City to destroy any Heroes there and take their Cores. Bulk went to recapture Core Hunter. However, Core Hunter went to Tansari VI, and Bulk had to follow him there.(Omega Recon Reports)

Tansari VI

Stringer in combat against Voltix

Arriving on the planet, Stringer searched for Voltix, the initiator of the Breakout after arriving with Omega and Hero Recon Team members. Voltix used his Shooting Volt Blaster many times on Stringer, and was overpowering the hero. As Voltix prepared for a finishing assault on Stringer's Hero Core, Stringer blocked the electricity with fuel cells. All of Voltix's energy was absorbed by the fuel cells, allowing Stringer to easily capture Voltix. However, Stringer did not know where he parked his Hero Pod,[Episode 9] and misplaced his Drop Ship with Omega. Then, Core Hunter attacked Stringer, but was driven off by Bulk, who continued to chase him.(Omega Recon Reports)

Thornraxx's Hive Planet

Thornraxx fled to his Hive Planet, hoping to recruit other natives of the planet as allies. Breez tracked him down there.


Nex tracked down XT4 in XT4's home planet called Mechna.[FO:MSG]

Hero Factory

Rocka taking on Black Phantom

With the Heroes gone, Black Phantom easily captured the Mission Managers and Quadal and rounded them up with the help of Arachnix. Rocka was then locked in detention level of the facility. Black Phantom told the staff members that Voltix's breakout was a ruse, so Black Phantom could take over the Hero Factory and lock it with its force field called the Fail-Safe Shield.[Episode 8] He then proceeded to transfer the structural schematics of the entire facility to an unknown source so the Hero Factory's Hero process could be replicated for nefarious purposes. He then used a sliver of Anti-Quaza in his body to shut the staff members down. Meanwhile, Rocka had communicated with Zib and was heading to Akiyama Makuro's office to turn the Fail-Safe Shield off. Black Phantom used a sliver of Anti-Quaza to shut down the Mission Managers and Quadal. As Rocka turned off the Shield, Stormer, Evo, Surge, and Furno all arrived at Hero Factory and saw Daniela Capricorn and the shield. Stormer had Capricorn report no Heroes had returned, lulling Black Phantom into a false sense of security. Rocka downed the shield and met with the other Heroes. He revealed his secret position as a member of the Hero Recon Team. He and the four Heroes went to the Assembly Tower where Black Phantom was close to destroying the Hero Factory, so his new villainous version of the Hero Factory would have no Heroes to oppose it. Black Phantom sending a swarm of Arachnix drones at the Heroes. Rocka managed to reach and fight Black Phantom. At Evo's suggestion, he plugged Black Phantom into the whole system, overloading the villain's systems for his apprehension. Hero Factory was set back to normal, with Stringer then arriving with Voltix.

A Hero recaptured XPlode.

Zib and Makuro realized that Black Phantom had transferred the building schematics to an unknown destination, much to the six Heroes and their allies' worries.[Episode 9]

Since the Hero Factory's prison got damaged during the Breakout, the Heroes used a prison in Asteroid J-54 to contain the escaped villains until the prison is repaired.[SM1]

The Doom Box

Core Hunter, Thornraxx, and XT4 were still on the loose while Voltix and Speeda Demon escaped from Asteroid J-54, being on the loose again. Later into the recapture effort, Alpha 1 was reunited for a secret mission, which ended with the Doom Box's energy making Core Hunter disappear.[SM1]

Other Tasks

The new Alpha 1 Team recruit fought the mutated industrial robot in a water planet, probably Scylla.(questionable canonicity)

Core Hunter somehow survived his ordeal with the Doom Box and went to commit crimes again. However, Bulk created a fake duplicate of himself and got Core Hunter's attention. Core Hunter confused the duplicate as the real Bulk, so he attacked it. However, Bulk slammed Core Hunter from behind and used his Hero Cuffs to finally recapture him.[FO:MSG]

Stormer went after Speeda Demon in Kollix IV again. This time, when they were racing each other with their motorcycles again, Speeda Demon miscalculated a turn and spun out of control. He almost fell from a cliff to his doom when Stormer rescued him. Stormer cuffed and recaptured Speeda Demon again.[FO:MSG]

Breez went to find and fight Thornraxx again. Breez knew that Thornraxx would go there, so she managed to get there before him. Thornraxx was enraged to find a Hero on his planet, and Thornraxx threw himself at her, filled with rage, thinking that she is corrupting the nest. This time, she used his rage against him, and managed to spin into space and cuff him.[SM3][FO:MSG]

Nex went to find and fight XT4 again. He had to fight past several robots XT4 had reprogrammed, and he burned out his Laser Cutter in the process. He defeated XT4 by pretending to be defeated, and then surprising the villain from behind and using two pairs of Hero Cuffs to capture him.[FO:MSG]


While the Hero Factory building's prison was getting repaired, every recaptured villain and Black Phantom got imprisoned in a jail in Asteroid J-54 until the prison is repaired. However, Voltix and Speeda Demon escaped from that prison,[SM1] but they eventually got recaptured again and were put back there.[SM4][FO:MSG]

Bulk told Furno about Mission: Legion of Darkness, and looks at it as bad as the Breakout. Stormer noticed the two Heroes' conversation and then told them to focus on Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.

Since Stormer recaptured Speeda Demon for the second time, he is trying to find Black Phantom's ally that Black Phantom sent the Hero Factory schematics to, but he is not successful so far. He is talking with Makuro about dealing with this new threat. Stringer was modifying the Hero Factory prison, so another breakout would not happen again.[FO:MSG]

Before the Brains attacked Makuhero City, the mission was going great, as Furno told Capricorn this at a community event.[Episode 10]

Before Mission: Collision Course happened, all major criminals have been recaptured. Furno and Bulk have improved the prison defenses. Minor criminals continued to be captured by law enforcement.[SM3]

Before Mission: Robot Rampage happened, all escapees are recaptured, and then they were moved back to the Hero Factory's prison, with Black Phantom joining them.[SM5] However, since the Breakout, many robots in the galaxy lost their trust in the Hero Factory.[SM4]


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