Mission: New Stellac City

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"Mission: New Stellac City" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

This article is about the mission. You may be looking for Stellac City.

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Mission: New Stellac City
Objective Alpha 1 Team try to defeat Silver
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location New Stellac City
Result Silver destroyed, Von Ness escaped

"Mission: "New Stellac City" was a mission that occurred years ago. It was where three members of the Alpha 1 Team fought a giant drone called Silver that was rampaging through New Stellac City. It was also where one of the members of the team, Von Ness got rogue and eventually became a villain called Von Nebula, leading to Mission: Von Nebula.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team




Defeat "Silver" to stop it from destroying New Stellac City.


Years ago, the Alpha 1 Team responded to a routine burglary call in New Stellac City. Thresher took two rookie members of the team, Preston Stormer and Von Ness, with him to the city, though Stormer had a bad feeling about it right before this. The three Heroes used a Drop Ship to go to the city. They arrived there at dawn. After they got out of the ship, instead of the emergency, they encountered a giant hostile drone called "Silver", which was attacking the city. The drone had enough plutonium-cryptide canisters to level half the city.


Stormer and Thresher used their weapons to shoot at the drone to get its attention. When the drone, undamaged by the shots, was approaching the three Heroes, Thresher protected the two rookies from the drone by telling them to hide near the Drop Ship. Thresher went to fight the drone alone. He ran to dodge from the drone's explosive green bolts of energy, but one of the bolts hurt Thresher to much that he went unconscious.

Stormer picked Thresher up and brought him near the Drop Ship. Stormer told Von Ness that they have to fight the drone, but Von Ness doubted that they could defeat the drone alone, so he suggested calling for backup. Stormer declined the idea because by the time reinforcements arrive at the city, it would be too late to stop the drone from completing its objective. Stormer and Von Ness argued, but when the drone was coming near the two rookies, Stormer told Von Ness to protect Thresher, and that Stormer would draw the drone away from Stormer's fellow two Heroes.

Stormer went to fight the drone alone, but Von Ness started using the Drop Ship to escape. When Von Ness was mid-air, Stormer noticed and got angry with Von Ness for disobeying him. The drone stopped and watched the scenario. Stormer ran to the ship and jumped onto it. He slammed at the ship's cockpit's visor and told Von Ness to come back, but Von Ness refused, thinking that Stormer could get both of them killed. Von Ness tried to shake Stormer off the ship. Stormer saw the drone resuming moving and felt hopeless briefly at first, but when the ship was flying above the drone, Stormer jumped off the ship and dived to the drone.

First, Stormer used his weapon to knock out the drone's visual scanning by freezing its two circular devices on its head to blind the drone. Then, when Stormer landed on the drone's back, he cross-circuited the drone's power supply by placing its two power cables in wrong slots, making the drone explode and destroying it, saving the city and Thresher from the drone.


Von Ness flew away in fear. People in New Stellac thanked Stormer for saving their city. They turned the drone's body into a monument in the center of the city to honor Stormer for saving the city.

Stormer was angry with Von Ness for going rogue. He felt he could have protected Thresher and stopped Von Ness from escaping. Some people from the Hero Factory think that the incident was not Stormer's fault. Hero Factory looks at the mission as ill-fated, but they do not believe that it was Stormer's fault that this happened that way. Stormer learned how to scramble his signal in his built-in tracking chip when he was tracking down Von Ness.[Episode 3] Since the incident with Von Ness, Stormer became determined that no rookie ever put a mission in jeopardy again. The incident also plagued him with feelings of guilt, and he often blames himself for things that go wrong with missions. Stormer was assigned many rookies in his team, but the incident made Stormer act harsh on the rookies, and most of them were unable to measure up to his standards, though Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk remained team members.

Von Ness went into hiding. Because of Stormer's success, Von Ness blamed Stormer for his own failure, grew bitter about Hero Factory, and went rogue. He eventually rebuilt himself into the tall criminal, Von Nebula. He vowed revenge on Stormer and the Hero Factory.

William Furno looked at Stormer's aerial move as potentially the coolest move in Hero Factory history. Bulk calls the mission the "Von Ness mission" because of Von Ness' cowardice.[Episode 4]

Recently, Von Nebula formed his gang, which consisted of six villains, Corroder, XPlode, Meltdown, Thunder, Rotor, and Vapor, as a part of his plan to defeat Stormer, the Alpha 1 Team, and the Hero Factory as revenge for his cowardice, causing the events of Mission: Von Nebula. After the Alpha 1 Team recruited Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge as their rookies, Von Nebula sent his thugs to fight the Heroes in a series of battles. Von Nebula and four of his thugs then had their final battle against the Alpha 1 Team in New Stellac City, which Von Nebula related to the Von Ness mission. This mission ended when when the team defeated the whole gang and imprisoned Von Nebula in his staff called the Black Hole Orb Staff.[Episode 4][C4]


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