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Hero Factory

  • Drop Ship
    Also known as Hero-Craft, these ships are the primary mode of transportation for Heroes, able to shuttle teams across galaxies
  • Hero Pod
    Personal vehicles for Heroes to get to missions quickly, though limited to only one or two Heroes; can be carried by Drop Ships
  • Hero Core
    Made from Quaza, powers a Hero and gives them their personality
  • Particle Separator
    A device that can briefly separate molecules
  • Furno Bike
    A bike used by Hero William Furno, developed by the Hero Factory
  • Scout Drones
    Autonomous flying robots which Preston Stormer is equipped with after the breakout
  • Hero Core Locking Clamps
    A new addition to Hero Factory armor which shields the Hero Core and provides it with extra power
  • Hero Cuffs
    Restraints used by Heroes to capture villains