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"His body moves fast, his mind moves faster, and neither one gets anywhere, know what I mean?"
Splitface, The Doom Box

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Speeda Demon
TV Speeda Demon.png
Employer Black Phantom (formerly)
Weapons Wing Blades
Nitro Rocket Motorbike
Status Imprisoned
Set number 6231

Speeda Demon is a crazy villain who had broken out of the Hero Factory prison.


Speeda Demon comes from an unknown world, at some point becoming a criminal. However, he, like a lot of criminals, stopped his activities at the wake of the Hero Factory becoming a galactic presence.

Legion of Darkness

Speeda Demon was one of several villains later recruited by Black Phantom for the Legion of Darkness. As part of the Legion, Speeda Demon's first mission was aimed at a Makuro Industries plant on Mechna, where Thornraxx hijacked a shipment of XT4 robots and landed it. Speeda Demon and Splitface then attacked the ship to make it look like a crash, while Black Phantom retrieved a single XT4 and reprogrammed it.

Later, Splitface and Speeda Demon hijacked a mining freighter, and piloted it at the Asteroid J-54 prison break. They rigged the engines to blow, got aboard Black Phantom's Drop Ship and escaped as the mission succeeded.

At a later meeting of the Legion, Splitface heard a news bulletin announcing Hero Factory's closing, causing Black Phantom to launch an operation to take the Hero Factory building under their control. Speeda Demon, along with Toxic Reapa and Voltix, landed a ship at the top of the Assembly Tower, where they encountered Thresher. The veteran Hero was no match for the three villains, and he was held over a disassembler. As the villains threatened to destroy Thresher, Black Phantom ran in, trailed by the rookie Heroes. Preston Stormer then played a recording, revealing that Speeda Demon and the rest of the Legion were merely pawns in Black Phantom's game, causing them all to attack Black Phantom in revenger. Afterwards, Speeda Demon was captured and placed in Asteroid J-54, though he later escaped.

At some point, Speeda Demon was sold a map containing information about the Doom Box, but he could not make sense of it and sold it to Core Hunter.

The Hero Factory later re-captured Speeda Demon and imprisoned him in their Storage Facility.


Speeda Demon

After Black Phantom devised and initiated a mass breakout from the Hero Factory, Speeda Demon escaped along with many other criminals, stealing a Nitro Rocket Motorbike. He then traveled to the ice planet Kollix IV, and Stormer was assigned to chase him down with an Ultra Mach Speed Cycle. During the ensuing bike chase, Speeda Demon managed to bury Stormer under ice. While the villain laughed at his supposedly defeated foe, Stormer broke from the ice and threw his Hero Cuffs at Speeda Demon. Trying to outrun them, the villain's left hand was cuffed, and as he struggled against the cuff's force, he crashed into an ice wall. Speeda Demon was then apprehended by Stormer and returned to Hero Factory. However, the villain escaped and was listed as on the loose.

He was eventually captured again and held near Karter.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Speeda Demon was part of the Legion of Darkness that destroyed Hero Factory, and Speeda Demon claimed he personally deactivated Akiyama Makuro; without any contrary evidence he was believed. Core Hunter damaged his memory circuits at one point in a fight over precious metals. He joined the Citadel's inner circle but was forced to do desk work after he decided not to go through with a bank robbery. Speeda Demon saw a record from L-22 about people searching for Hero Factory at Von Nebula University and alerted Von Nebula. He saved L-22 and she told her story to Von Nebula which led to the main universe's Alpha Team meeting with the Citadel inner circle.

Abilities and Traits

Speeda Demon is considered completely insane, and constantly cackles. His instability is considered to be one of his most dangerous qualities, and his unmatchable speed makes him a menace to countless worlds.


Speeda Demon bears two Wing Blades that he holds with two of his four arms. He also possesses a Nitro Rocket Motorbike, which features lightning bolt handlebars, razor-spiked wheels, and a lightning exhaust.

Set Information

The Speeda Demon set

6231 Speeda Demon was released as a large boxed set in the summer of 2012, in the second wave of Hero Factory's Breakout line. The set contained a Hero Core for use in the Breakout game. The set could be combined with 6230 Stormer to create an even larger combi-model.


"Preston Stormer! You're nothing but a distraction. One I will deal with fast!"
― Speeda Demon, Episode 8

"Thought you could keep up with me Stormer? Compared to me, you're frozen stiff!"
― Speeda Demon, Episode 9


  • Speeda Demon was voiced by Charlie Adler in Breakout: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Speeda Demon often talks about a "Biggest Wishes For Cool Upgrades In Prioritized Order Wish List", though there is doubt the list physically exists, since he is regarded as too unfocused to produce it.


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