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Parent Page: Technology

State Solid
User(s) Heroes
Akiyama Makuro
Witch Doctor (formerly)
Function Powering Heroes
Controlling Beasts
Status In use

Quaza is an extremely rare mineral that is the source of Hero Cores.


Quaza is the mineral used in Hero Cores, and when charged gives the Hero their power and personality. Akiyama Makuro, founder of Hero Factory, is the only one with access to the stone, and he personally oversees the creation of every Hero. He keeps a large piece of stone containing Quaza in a room near his quarters.[Episode 9]

The planet Quatros houses a small amount of Quaza, which is key to the planet's structural integrity. Exiled professor Aldous Witch, a former Hero Factory educator, began illegally mining Quaza on the planet out of a covetous obsession with the material. Using the Quaza, as well as ancient relics on the planet, Witch created the Skull Staff, and was mutated into the Witch Doctor. He began creating spikes from corrupted Quaza, which he placed on the Raw-Jaw, Fangz, Waspix, and Scorpio beasts, and a snake.[FO:MSG] Using the Skull Staff, Witch controlled them, and used them to mine more Quaza from the core of Quatros. When the Alpha 1 Team was sent to stop Witch's illicit activity on the planet, they discovered that little of the planet's valuable resource was left, and that Witch was bringing Quatros close to destruction. Alpha 1 was able to free the beasts from Witch's control and return the Quaza to the core of Quatros. Witch himself was defeated after the Skull staff was stolen by Preston Stormer, cutting him off from Quaza power. Stormer broke the staff, making sure it will never be used again.


Quaza is a potent substance, which can conduct a powerful charge when used in a Hero Core. It can glow. The Quaza is what brings the Heroes to life, and instills the qualities and attitudes that make them fighters for justice. The Quaza is a great source of energy, but it can also mutate beings if they have too much exposure to it.[FO:MSG] Aldous Witch was mutated into the Witch Doctor by the power of the Skull Staff, which was made of Quaza from Quatros.

On Quatros, the mineral keeps the planet intact. However, this Quaza triggers reactions in local life-forms, and when corrupted, can be implanted in creatures to make them controllable, as well as being used as a form of energy. The creatures' corrupted Quaza can glow when Witch Doctor was commanding them. His control on the animals would fade away gradually when the Quaza's energy fades away, so he would recharge the Quaza to keep his control on the animals. When a piece of corrupted Quaza's energy is completely faded away or if all active pieces are removed from the Quatros animal, the animal would be completely freed from the Witch Doctor's control.

The Quaza used to make the Hero Cores is yellow, and the pieces of Quaza in the Hero Cores are cylindrical.[Episode 1] Makuro has a large stone with blue glowing lines floating and containing the Quaza in front of his office.[Episode 9][MtH][BA!] There are two kinds of Quaza in Quatros. One is red cylinders, which keep the planet intact. The other is black spikes with red tips, which are corrupted and were used to mind-control Quatros' animals.[Episode 6][Episode 7][C7]


  • In Episode 9: Breakout Part 2, there is a giant stone with blue glowing lines floating in front of Makuro's office. It was unknown what it was until two DK Readers books, Meet the Heroes in 2012 and Brain Attack! in 2013, where it is revealed that this stone contains Makuro's Quaza.
  • There is a mysterious corrupt counterpart to Quaza called "Anti-Quaza".[Episode 9]