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"But maybe I finally ... made up for all I've done ... at least a little."
― Arctur, The Doom Box

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Weapons None
Status Deceased

Arctur was one of the creators of the Doom Box.


At some point, Arctur was built.

Arctur was the leader of a contingent of four reptilian-like and robotic villains who created the Doom Box,[FO:MSG] a powerful weapon that had the capability to destroy anything in its field. However, upon completion of the Doom Box, Arctur discovered that it could not be shut off, and if used once the entire galaxy would be destroyed. Despite Deneb's disagreement with his decision, Arctur used an axe to break the Doom Box into three fragments. He planned to have himself and his comrades hide them around the galaxy on three planets, each piece in each planet, and he told his comrades about which planets will the pieces be hidden. Arctur and his comrades hid the pieces in these planets.

For the next five thousand years, Arctur watched and guarded the Doom Box pieces' secret locations. A villain named Core Hunter eventually found the fragments' locations using a map Deneb created. Arctur realized that the only way to neutralize the Doom Box would be to activate it and have its energy absorbed by Core Hunter's Hero Core Remover Tool, which was specially equipped to handle high amounts of energy. Core Hunter was initially imprisoned after ensuring the security of the Doom Box shards, but later escaped, and went to retrieve them.

Arctur saved Core Hunter on a criminal planet from Dunkan Bulk's Missile Launcher when Core Hunter was retrieving the second fragment. He then told him that the first fragment's location was about to be discovered by Heroes. After Core Hunter retrieved it, Heroes Preston Stormer and William Furno encountered Arctur, who gave them Speeda Demon's name as a lead before vanishing. He later appeared on the original planet where the Doom Box was forged and introduced himself to Daniel Rocka who went to the planet. Arctur then appeared when Core Hunter accidentally reformed the Doom Box, told him how to truly activate it, and teleported him to the planet it was forged. Captured and then questioned by the Heroes, Arctur revealed that he had been helping Core Hunter only to see the Doom Box destroyed, which only Core Hunter could do. Leading the Heroes to the planet, Arctur led them to Core Hunter, and Rocka joined them. Stormer told Arctur to stay put to let Stormer and his fellow Heroes stop Core Hunter in the Doom Box's birthplace. The Heroes confronted Core Hunter, and goaded Core Hunter into forming the box under Arctur's direction, so it could be deactivated. Core Hunter angrily fired his Plasma Shooter at Stormer, but Arctur intercepted the shot, which fatally wounded him. He did not believe he had time to be repaired, and believed himself absolved of his crimes. He then told the Heroes to follow his instructions, and then they eventually succeeded in disarming the Doom Box while Arctur succumbed to his wounds.[SM1]

It is unknown what happened to Deneb and the other two members of his and Arctur's group when this happened.

Abilities and Traits

Arctur felt remorse at creating the Doom Box, and spent the rest of his life trying to make it up. He was very enigmatic, and was able to manipulate Core Hunter and the Heroes both in order to achieve his final goal. Arctur could vanish and reappear in different places at will, as well as being able to transport other beings. He could also create a force field that could protect him and anyone near him from the Heroes' gun blasts.

Arctur was tall and had reptilian features as well as wearing a hooded robe. The robe is tattered when Arctur met Furno and Stormer the first time.

Arctur once used a glowing axe that had energy and sliced the Doom Box into three pieces. The energy in the axe was gone when the axe sliced the Doom Box into three pieces, so the axe no longer glowed.


  • He is one of three only villains to have reformed in the Hero Factory series, the others being Gargantuan Smash and Dumacc.


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