Nitro Rocket Motorbike

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"We've all had our eyes on one of those – Razor Wheels, Wing Blades, Quintronic Transnuclear engine system and reinforced exhaust – it's a thing of beauty. To think he got his greasy mitts on one before anyone else!"
Omega, Omega Recon Reports

Nitro Rocket Motorbike
6231 Speeda Demon.jpg
User(s) Speeda Demon
Status Damaged

The Nitro Rocket Motorbike was a vehicle designed by top Hero Factory scientists, that was stolen by the villain Speeda Demon.


The Nitro Rocket Motorbike was a bike built by Hero Factory scientists prior to the Breakout. However, it was at some point stolen by Speeda Demon. He later used the bike on his raid on Kollix IV, but eventually, Preston Stormer locked his Hero Cuffs to one of Speeda's hands and the bike, which caused him to lose control of the bike, which then lead it to crash into an iceberg, damaging the bike as a result.


The bike possesses a Quintronic Transnuclear engine system, which outputs lightning exhaust due to its power levels. To compensate, the exhaust ports are specially reinforced. The bike also used lightning bolt handlebars.

The Nitro Rocket Motorbike is also capable of reaching speeds faster than any recorded land vehicle, but is also flexible in its ability to maneuver. The Bike also hasRazor Wheels built into it which slice through tough materials such as iron and concrete, and were specifically designed for close combat.

Set Information

The Nitro Rocket Motorbike was released in the 6231 Speeda Demon set as a large boxed set in the summer of 2012, in the second wave of Hero Factory's Breakout line.