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"No Hero is useless... one can save them all."
― Mark Surge, Ordeal of Fire

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Mark Surge
Hero 1.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Lightning Shooter and Shields
Status Functional, upgraded

Mark Surge is a hotheaded young Hero from the Hero Factory and member of the Alpha 1 Team.



Surge was built alongside fellow Heroes, Natalie Breez and William Furno, in the Hero Factory. Due to his experimental nature, Surge was convinced that something went wrong with his creation, a feeling reinforced by frequent examinations by Hero Factory analysts. Surge, Furno, and Breez were put into the same rookie team under the overall command of Alpha 1, led by Preston Stormer.

At one time, Surge and the other members of the Alpha 1 Team chased fuel smugglers in the Faraday Belt. The team survived and completed the mission.(Hero Factory FM)

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Surge and Breez were in the Hero Factory, watching Furno, Stormer, Jimi Stringer, and Dunkan Bulk fighting XPlode and Rotor in Merak 9 while protecting explosives from them. The mission became unsatisfactory when the villains escaped. When the two rookies noticed Stormer upsetting Furno about it, the rookies complained to Nathaniel Zib about Stormer being tough on Furno, but Zib, annoyed by their antics, told them to go somewhere and leave him alone. The rookies did what he said and went to do a task that kept them busy. When Furno and Stormer came back from the mission, Stormer told the rookies to go train. Surge wanted to protest because he and Breez just did their busy task, but Breez quietly convinced him to go along with it. When Furno was training in a Training Sphere by replaying the mission in a simulator for hours, Surge and Breez advised him not to overwork himself just to impress Stormer. Later, Stormer came in to ask Surge and Breez where Furno is. Surge and Breez led Stormer to the Training Sphere, where Furno was exhausted from his training. Surge and Breez watched Furno getting recharged in the Quaza Chamber. After Stormer assigned Furno to come with him to do a training mission and then Breez insisted that she and Surge would join Furno with the training mission, Surge wanted to protest, but Breez silently told him to go along with it.

Stormer then took the rookies on the training mission, but was called to aid the Lemus 2 explosives plant. There, the four engaged XPlode and Rotor. Stormer was knocked out, and as Furno took on Rotor, Surge fended XPlode away from the explosives. XPlode escaped, but Furno managed to arrest and cuff Rotor.[Episode 1]

Core Crisis

Surge firing his Lightning Shooter and Shield

After repairing the damage on Lemus 2, Surge was sent with Breez, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer to Tantalus 5, where Corroder was attacking the construction site of Penitentiary 1331. As Breez evacuated the workers, Surge was left with the two senior Alpha 1 members. Bulk saved Surge from being crushed by girders that Corroder released, but was pinned under them himself. While Stringer drew Corroder away, Surge tried to help Bulk, but was unable to free him. In order to protect Bulk, the three created a Hero Cell. Before Corroder could break the cell, Furno arrived. Breez soon returned in the Drop Ship, which Furno used to trick Corroder into fleeing.[Episode 2]

The Enemy Within

Stormer later took the three rookies to Mekron City where they encountered Police Chief Drax, one of Stormer's old friends, who attacked them in a nanobot-induced madness. Meltdown arrived and infected Stormer with the same nanobots, and then fled. The nanobots took full control upon the team's return to Hero Factory, and Stormer went rogue. Surge traveled with Breez, Bulk, and Stringer to Lunar Tratix to find a mineral that would cure Stormer. When a Tratix Reptoid tried to attack Breez, Surge attempted to stop it, and the creature shifted its focus to him. However, Breez was able to communicate with the reptoid using her special programming, and it released Surge and dug up the mineral for them. The four Heroes returned to Makuhero City, where a cure was synthesized for Stormer.[Episode 3]

Von Nebula

The Alpha 1 Team was sent to New Stellac City, where they encountered Thunder and Corroder. The three rookies were sent in to help and given new Particle Separators for the fight. Upon their arrival, they were ambushed by Thunder, Corroder, and the recently arrived XPlode and Meltdown. The senior Alpha 1 Heroes rescued them and Surge fought alongside Bulk until his weapons were sucked into a black hole that formed over New Stellac. The criminal mastermind Von Nebula revealed himself, and Stormer and Furno went into the black hole to confront him. Surge and the others dodged the villains' fire until their ammunition ran out. The Heroes then launched a counter-attack, during which Surge and Breez subdued Corroder. XPlode fired his Explosive Spikes as a last attempt to win the fight, but the Heroes used their particle separators to survive the attack, though Surge's temporarily malfunctioned afterward. Stormer and Furno returned, having defeated Von Nebula, and the villains and staff were taken back to Hero Factory.[Episode 4]

Ordeal of Fire

Surge 2.0

Surge and his teammates went with Stormer to Tanker Station 22, where Fire Lord and his gang were attacking the refueling station. The Heroes tried to fight the villains, but their weapons could not defeat the villains. The Heroes were quickly overpowered, and attempted to retreat with the remaining station workers. However, the four villains surrounded the group, and Surge sacrificed himself by destroying a group of fuel cells to draw the enemies away so the others could escape. He was later caught and imprisoned. The criminals planned to hold Surge for ransom, but he managed to escape. His teammates, now upgraded to 2.0 forms, returned to the station, intent on freeing Surge and capturing the villains. Surge sent an alert to Furno and Breez to warn them of an impending attack from the villain's ship, piloted by Jetbug. Surge later commandeered the villains' ship from Jetbug, pushed him out of it, and used it to severe the Fire Lord's fuel-siphoning hand from a large stack of fuel cells, giving Stormer the opportunity to subdue the villain. Surge revealed himself to the 2.0 Heroes, and Furno, Breez, and Stormer were happy to see him again and that he was okay. Surge explained his plan. Stormer was proud of Surge for his actions. Surge impatiently wanted the 2.0 Upgrade.

At the Hero Factory, Surge was upgraded to 2.0 form as well, and was commended for his bravery at a special ceremony, where he was presented with his Ice Spear Blaster.[Episode 5] Surge trained with his upgrade.[FO:MSG] Surge's upgrade was later perfected.[Episode 8]

Later, Surge was present at Aldous Witch's exiling from Hero Factory after he tried to implant a Hero Core in himself.[Episode 6]

Savage Planet

It is unknown what Surge had been doing during the events of Mission: Savage Planet.


After the criminal Voltix started a mass breakout at the Hero Factory, Surge and the Alpha 1 Team attempted to restrain the escaping villains, though Surge was quickly dispatched by the horde. During the time, Surge fought Meltdown, but Meltdown used his tentacle to grab and throw him out of his way. After all of the villains escaped, Zib demonstrated a new kind of Hero Cuffs. When he threw the cuffs, the cuffs accidentally targeted and cuffed Surge. Surge tried to remove the cuffs while people about him laughed with him. During the struggle, Surge accidentally knocked over several people. After the cuffs were removed from Surge, he received upgraded armor for his solo mission, tracking down the criminal Splitface to a Hero Factory communications satellite called the Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite in the Sigma Sigma system.

Surge facing Splitface

Surge quickly located Splitface in the asteroid field surrounding the satellite, which was protected by a powerful force field. Hero Factory workers from the satellite noticed Surge and were happy to see him. Surge used his Plasma Gun, which is modified to shoot electric blasts, to travel in the asteroid field. However, Surge discovered that Splitface was planning to puncture the force field with a massive asteroid, and attempted to combat the schizophrenic villain. Splitface's dueling personalities hindered his combat ability, though they were eventually able to come together and pin Surge down with Infecticide to the asteroid, which was set on a collision course to the satellite.[Episode 8] However, Surge's condition was temporary, and then Surge used his Electricity Shooter to break tbe asteroid in half, but one of the halves was still going to the satellite and could still penetrate its force field. Splitface attacked Surge again. This time, Surge used his the Shooter to stun Splitface, and then managed to break the asteroid apart by throwing Splitface at it, defeating him and saving the satellite. Surge apprehended Splitface with the new Hero Cuffs and then returned to the Factory with him.

Upon reuniting with Stormer, Furno, and Evo, and entering the Factory, the group encountered Daniel Rocka, who had remained behind during the breakout and was attempting to capture Black Phantom. Rocka revealed himself as a member of the Hero Recon Team. Surge asked Rocka if the HRT is accepting applications, but Stormer cut him off because the Heroes had to fight Black Phantom first. While Rocka took on the villain, Surge and the others fended off the army of Arachnix drones. Black Phantom was eventually defeated, cuffed, and imprisoned.[Episode 9]

The Doom Box

Later, Surge was stuck in a training room with Bulk and Furno. When the training simulation went beserk, Bulk used Surge as a projectile, so they could shut the room down. Surge got angry with Bulk and was about to fight him when Stormer stopped him. Stormer called the three Heroes in and a Delta-Red Warning was issued, as the entire galaxy was put in danger by Core Hunter's pursuit of the Doom Box. After listening to logs of Bulk, Stormer, and Stringer's previous battles against Core Hunter that led to the villain's capture by Hero Factory, Surge was sent with Stringer to a freighter where Stringer had previously fought Core Hunter that was now in a scrapyard. The two Heroes got help from security robots from a company who managed the scrapyard. When Core Hunter's mercenaries attacked the Heroes, Stringer told Surge to get to the Drop Ship and get help, despite Surge wanting to help Stringer, but after the arrival of Bulk, Breez, Stormer, and Furno, Bulk saved Stringer. The six Heroes went into the cargo bay where Core Hunter had placed two of the three Doom Box pieces together. Surge defeated Core Hunter's four robotic henchmen that are programmed to detect movement by shocking them. Impulsively, Surge used his Electricity Shooter to shoot him, thinking that Core Hunter would no doubt be going to assemble the whole box, and causing Core Hunter to spasm, placing the final piece together. However, the box was not activated, but Arctur arrived, split the box again, and teleported Core Hunter to where the Doom Box was forged, the only place where it could be activated. Arctur revealed his plan to get Core Hunter to activate the box and use his Hero Core Remover Tool to absorb the Doom Box's energies, ending its threat.

On the Heroes and Arctur's way to his planet, Stormer scolded Surge about attacking Core Hunter in the freighter. After the Heroes and Arctur arrived at the planet, they met with Rocka. When Stringer was asking how to make Core Hunter activate the Doom Box, Surge wanted to say his idea, but stopped because he felt bad about his mistake on the freighter, damaging his confidence. However, Stormer felt bad for Surge and told him to state his idea. Surge stated that the Heroes could upset Core Hunter so much that this could cause him to activate the Doom Box. The Heroes found and faced Core Hunter. Stormer told Core Hunter he was used as a test to weed out Heroes and was basically working for Hero Factory, enraging Core Hunter enough that he activated the box and killed Arctur. Breez used Core Hunter's tool to absorb the Doom Box's energies to end its threat. However, it overcharged Core Hunter's weapon, allowing him to defeat all the Heroes but Surge. Core Hunter figured that Stormer scolded Surge for his mistake, and then offered Surge a place in his new empire. Surge was thinking about it. Part of him wanted to accept the offer, but he knew that if he did, he would become a villain, so he finally refused the offer. When Core Hunter shot a blast of energy at Surge, Surge used his Electricity Shooter to push the energy blast back at the villain, making Core Hunter's body fold and vanish. Surge later talked to Stormer about why Core Hunter would turn bad, but the Heroes had to continue capturing criminals.[SM1]

Brain Attack

Surge attended one of Alpha 1's public events at the unveiling of statues of them in the city's plaza. After Surge charged a civilian's truck with electricity, he talked with Breez about dislking meeting civilians, though Breez told Surge to respect this. After the Heroes received alerts on their visors, they rushed to Hero Factory where Zib informed them of an army closing in on the city. Surge led the Heroes to the Assembly Tower where his armor was upgraded, and went with the team outside the building. Furno ordered Surge to guard the building, but Surge protested because he wanted to do action so badly. Furno forced Surge to do the task, and Surge finally stopped arguing. Surge went to his task, feeling annoyed. He defended it from Brains and the creatures they controlled. A Brain snuck behind Surge and then attacked him, trying to get to his head. However, Surge used his Rotating Lightning Blades to defeat the Brain, but this caused him pain and to "dance". After the effects of the blades wore off, Surge was surrounded by a swarm of Brains. He tried to use his Jetpack Wings to get away, but the effects of the blades damaged the jetpack, preventing Surge from being able to fly, trapping him. A Brain latched on his head and controlled Surge. Surge went inside the Assembly Tower and began creating an army of blank Heroes to destroy the Hero Factory from the inside. Furno, Stormer, Bulk, Breez, and Evo went to find Surge and then discovered the drone army and Surge being controlled by a Brain. Furno tried to have Surge overcome the Brain's influence, but failed, and Surge unleashed the drone army on the five Heroes. Surge created more drones for the army and used them to try to overwhelm the Heroes, but Breez stopped him from making more blank Heroes. Surge fought Breez. Breez tried to have him overcome the Brain's influence, but failed. Breez eventually knocked Surge's Brain off him. Surge shut down the robot drones, saving his friends from them. He went with his five friends help repair the city. When they arrived at the plaza, they noticed Rocka letting people observe a Dragon called Dragon Bolt, who was recently freed from his own Brain. Surge started helping the people with the Heroes repair the city, expressing a newfound appreciation in spending time with civilians. Surge told Breez about it while they were helping out with the citizens.[Episode 10]

Surge being controlled by a Brain

It is unknown what Surge was doing during Mission: Collision Course, Mission: Robot Rampage, and Mission: Mirror World.

Invasion From Below

Surge, Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Bulk, Breez, and Evo got new forms with compact armor that allow them to use Battle Machines. After Evo got attacked by the Jumpers, who were invading Antropolis City, Surge and the other Heroes came to the city to save it from the invading Jumpers. He helped fight off the first wave with his blasters. During the fight, Surge and Bulk were saved from being crushed by a transport pipe by Furno. After Stormer and Furno were captured by the Jumpers, the remaining Alpha 1 members went underground.

Surge and the four other Heroes discovered three construction workers trapped in the Jumpers' cocoons and then freed them. After Rocka told the construction workers to get to the surface quickly for safety, Rocka had Evo build Surge and Rocka a Battle Machine that can adapt to underground. Evo built Surge and Rocka the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine. While the Heroes were traveling, Bulk used his Drill Machine to dig out a wall, but that dragged in Surge and Rocka via magnetic pull, separating them from the others.

Surge and Rocka's Battle Machines were magentically attracted to the rocks, trapping the machines. When Rocka was attacked by a mutated Jumper called a Tunneler Beast, Surge used the Combat Machine to save Rocka by blasting the beast. After Rocka was forced to get out of his Battle Machine called the Rocka Crawler, he was chased by another Tunneler Beast, but he was helped out by Surge, who brought him to Rocka's cockpit in the Combat Machine. They worked together to use the machine to fight more Jumpers while Surge defeated the Tunneler Beast. However, a rock destroyed Surge's cockpit and then Surge was captured by another Tunneler Beast. The beast took him to the Queen Beast's nest, where the queen imprisoned Surge in a cocoon.

When Evo, Breez, Bulk, and Rocka found the Queen Beast's nest, Breez discovered that the queen has Furno, Stormer, and Surge imprisoned in cocoons. After Breez convinced the queen to cancel her invasion, the queen released Furno, Stormer, and Surge from the cocoons. However, when a Jumper accidentally triggered one of the Heroes' laser guns to damage the queen's nest, the queen got angry, mistakenly thought that the Heroes betrayed her, so she attacked them. However, Stormer unintentionally destroyed the nest while the Jumpers disappeared. The seven Heroes used Evo's Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to get out of the Jumpers' lair and back to the surface.

The Heroes had the city's people close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair and build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. When the Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ship and heading home, they do not notice that there is a Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in the ship for an unknown reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

When the Alpha 1 Team was defeated by the Legion of Darkness long ago, Surge never existed. However, since the Legion of Darkness and their fellow villains in Von Nebula City are recently defeated, Surge would likely be created.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

Surge is energetic and unpredictable.[MtH] Though he is convinced that something went wrong with his construction, Surge is nonetheless an able, if occasionally clumsy, Hero. Surge was the youngest of his fellow rookie teammates before Nex and Evo were created.[MtH][HiA] Like his fellow rookie teammates, he was built with experimental designs, though Surge resented the constant examination this required. He is known to be defiant, emotional, and hot-tempered, often attempting to be rational, but is easily set off and impulsive. He is also very strong, fast, and full of good intentions, but his inexperience leads to an inability to use his strength properly all the time.[HFPM] He thoroughly enjoys going on action-oriented missions and can get a little bored between missions,[BA!] rarely content to be involved with community affairs. However, after the attack on Makuhero City, he grew to appreciate spending time with citizens.[Episode 10]

Surge also struggles with fears that he is secretly evil and will become evil, like Core Hunter and Von Nebula. Although he has dealt with this fear directly over the course of his Hero career, Surge still deals with the insecurity, and often throws himself into action to compensate. Stormer knows that Surge has to be treated with care.[FO:MSG] When he was fighting the Doom Box-enhanced Core Hunter, Core Hunter tried to convince him to join his empire. Surge was thinking about it. Part of him wanted to do it, but he knew that if he joined Core Hunter, he would become a villain, and Surge wanted to stay being a Hero, so he ultimately declined Core Hunter's offer and fought him.[SM1]

Surge can create electricity from his fingers.[SM1] He can use this ability to charge up a Makuhero City vehicle by touching its engine.[Episode 10]

Surge knows how to build, activate, control, and deactivate the Blank Heroes by using the Assembly Tower.[Episode 10]

Surge is often seen talking with Breez. Surge would impulsively say something that Breez does not want him to say,[Episode 1] and whenever Surge complains about something, Breez tries to tell him to get used to it.[Episode 10] After the Brain invasion in Makuhero City, Surge learned not to complain again and always listen to Breez.[TBW]

The Brain that possessed Surge is sneaky and loyal to his swarm.[Episode 10]

Armor and Weapons

Surge in his duo-plating armor

Before his upgrade, Surge wielded two Lightning Shooter and Shields, which allowed him to shoot electrical bolts and project electric shields. He also had a jetpack.[Episode 3] He was also seen using a binocular-like long-distance thermo-scope for reconnaissance.[Episode 5]

After the upgrade, Surge possessed more power and fire-resistant armor.[FO:MSG] He gained headgear that has a new version of a long-distance thermo-scope, built-in motion sensor, camera, and antenna. He carried an Ice Spear Blaster as his 2.0 weapon, allowing him to shoot ice projectiles from a long range. Surge used his tools to act as the sniper for the team. He became slightly taller than his 1.0 form.

For Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, he was given another upgrade, with super thick, duo-plating impact armor in order to chase down Splitface. The armor was designed to withstand conditions in deep space, such as extreme temperatures, radiation, and galactic debris, and also outfitted with Alpha-Magnetic Gravity Boots[Episode 8][HiA] to prevent Surge from drifting off into space. He wielded an amplified Electricity Shooter and a Plasma Gun. The Plasma Gun was modified to shoot electrical energy blasts. Surge also had a blue and white tube on his armor. He was also equipped with a new set of Hero Cuffs, which can fly and seek out their target.

Surge acquired a new set of armor for the attack of the Brains. He was outfitted with a pair of Jetpack Wings, augmented with dual plasma shooters. He had a special visor with lightning deflection for added defense. The Visor also has a decorative marking. He had Hero Core Locking Clamps, which enhanced the power of and protected his Hero Core. His weapon was a weapon with two blades called the Rotating Lightning Blades, which can spin and fire electricity. Surge has a device similar to the Scout Drones on his Brain Attack left forearm armor. He got slightly taller than his Breakout form, as he was at the same height as Stormer's Brain Attack form, but slightly shorter than Rocka, Furno, Breez, and Bulk's Breakout forms.

For the mission in Antropolis City, Surge's body was upgraded to the latest compact model, which is compatible with the Battle Machines. During Mission: Invasion From Below, Surge had a Battle Machine called the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine, and he controlled the bottom part of it. The Battle Machine got destroyed when he and Rocka was fighting the Jumpers in their underground lair.[Episode 11] Surge also had a laser gun.

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook Stats


Set Information

Set 7169 Mark Surge was released in mid-2010 as part of the first wave of Hero sets, which also included Preston Stormer, Natalie Breez, William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer. This set contains 19 pieces.

Set 2141 Surge 2.0

In early 2011, Surge was re-released in set 2141 Surge 2.0, which was part of a line that also included Stormer 2.0, Furno 2.0, Evo 2.0, Nex 2.0, and Breez 2.0. It contains 30 pieces. Instructions for a non-canon combination model using parts from Surge 2.0 and 2068 Nex 2.0 were included on Surge 2.0's canister's lib has a printed code underneath it that could be entered to unlock Surge's part of an online game called Creep Crushers in the HeroPad section of the Hero Factory website. Instructions were provided in the March-April 2011 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine to combine Surge 2.0's parts with those from the other five 2.0 Hero sets to build Makuro-X1, a villain.

Set 6217 SURGE, which is small, was released in the first half of 2012. Made of 39 pieces, the set contains a redesigned Hero Core printed with a 200-point game code for an online game called Breakout, as well as a ball shooter. A non-canon combination model can be built using parts from this set and set 6218 SPLITFACE together with instructions from the Hero Factory website. The Surge set can also be combined with 6200 EVO and 6293 FURNO to create a combination model for a new rookie in the Alpha 1 Team.

Set 44008 SURGE, which is medium-sized, was released in summer 2013 as a part of the Brain Attack wave. The set consists of 66 pieces. It includes wings, a special printed visor, rotating lightning blades, and dual flick fire missiles. The set also contains a Hero Core printed with a 600-point game code for an online game called Brain Attack. Parts from the set can be combined with those from set 44009 DRAGON BOLT, representing the character that Surge never fought in the story for an unknown reason, to create a non-canon combination model using instructions in

Surge as a minifigure

Surge was released in 2 sets in summer 2014. He is included in set 44024 TUNNELER Beast vs. SURGE. In this set, he has a click shooter, which represents his laser gun, and a communication device on his left forearm. Surge was also released in another set, 44028 SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine. In there, Surge has the click shooter.


"I could do it. Part of me might want to – but if I do it what then? My friends will be destroyed as surely as if I had doomed them. When I look in the mirror, I won't see Mark Surge, Hero, anymore. I won't see anything. I'll just be an empty metal shell, no better than Splitface or Speeda Demon ... or Core Hunter."
― Mark Surge's thoughts, The Doom Box

"Hero Factory isn't perfect. Neither am I. But we're not so imperfect that I would turn to someone like you. Oh, and one more thing ... you're under arrest."
― Mark Surge to Core Hunter, The Doom Box


  • Surge's promotional nickname is "Livewire". This and his promotional hand-written signature were shown in Hero Factory Promotional Magazine in July 2010. The signature was also later shown in Episode 10: Brain Attack when Surge was signing digital autographs.
  • Surge was voiced by Bryton James in the first ten Hero Factory Television Episodes. In Episode 11: Invasion From Below, he was voiced by Justin Murphy.
  • According to his 2010 set's description, he is a little clumsy landing his Hero Pod.
  • Since Surge asked Rocka if the Hero Recon Team is accepting applications in Episode 9: Breakout Part 2, it is unknown if Surge had become a member of the HRT since the events of the episode.
  • Surge retreated with Stormer and the other Heroes in the Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire, while in Episode 5: Ordeal of Fire and a blog in, Surge redirected the villains' attention to himself to get enough time for the others to escape, since the comic is based on an earlier script.
  • According to Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook, when a Brain possessed Surge, the moment was a reflection of Surge's worries of becoming a villain.
  • The model of Surge's 2.0 form is reused for a horde of generic enemy drones in the 2023 Disney+ special LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red.


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