Merak 9

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Merak 9
Inhabitants Miners
Class Asteroid

Merak 9 is a mining asteroid.


Merak 9 once received a C-4000 explosive shipment to aid in their mining. Alpha 1 was sent to protect it along with rookie William Furno. They were surprised by Rotor, and a quick skirmish ensued before XPlode appeared. Alpha 1 and the criminals battled. After the Hero group had the upper hand, XPlode fled, leaving Rotor to be captured by Furno. Furno failed, and Rotor escaped as well. The heroes then left in their Drop Ship.


Merak 9 is a rocky, barren asteroid covered in impact craters. A mining facility is located in one of the craters. According to Bulk, the explosives there are highly explosive.

The mining facility


The only known inhabitants of Merak 9 are the miners at the mining facility.



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