Hex Energy Shield

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"Bullets literally bounce off the shield, and it absorbs plasma bursts like they were breakfast bacon."

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Hex Energy Shield
Hex Energy Shield.jpg
Status Out of use
User(s) Natalie Breez
Daniel Rocka
Functionality Defense

The Hex Energy Shield was a protective tool used by Natalie Breez. Daniel Rocka used a similar shield, but it lacked the defensive capabilities the one possessed by Breez has, and was considered more decorative than functional. However, he could use it as an effective melee weapon.


The Shield used technology known as "localized radiant energy particles" (LREP), which caused incoming kinetic or energy based projectiles to focus and reflect off of the Shield. The Shield could expand, but the power of the shield decreased proportionate to the size. Breez was also known to use the shield as an air brake to assist in her flight.

Set Information

The Hex Energy Shield is included in the 6227 Breez and 6202 Rocka sets of early 2012. Two pieces each make up the shield, which are made with a lenticular effect.

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