Lightning Shooter and Shield

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Lightning Shooter and Shield
Lightning Shooter and Shield.jpg
Status Out of use
User(s) Mark Surge
Functionality Shooting electricity, creating shields

The Lightning Shooters and Shields are Mark Surge's original weapons.


Surge using the Lightning Shooter

The Lightning Shooters and Shields can shoot powerful arcs of electricity at multiple targets at once. These bolts can be aimed with extreme accuracy. When not being fired, the weapons can form a small electric shield around the user that protects against all energy blasts and many metal projectiles. However, the shields are useless against projectiles made of wood or other non-metallic materials.

Surge abandoned these weapons after his 2.0 upgrade in favor of an Ice Spear Blaster given to him at a ceremony honoring his bravery.

Example Usage

In Trials of Furno, Surge electrically charged a shipment of C-4000 that XPlode was attempting to steal, which shocked the villain.

Set Information

Lightning Shooter and Shield in set form

Two Lightning Shooters and Shields were included in the set 7169 Mark Surge, released in 2010. They were co-injected with silver metallic and translucent yellow plastic and could be held in one hand as a combined weapon or dual-wielded in separate hands.

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