High Speed Laser Drill

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High Speed Laser Drill
Status Out of use
User(s) Dunkan Bulk
Functionality Melee
Ranged combat

The High Speed Laser Drill, or simply Laser Drill,[TBW] Laser Drill Cutter,[BA!] or simply Drill Cutter,[TBW] was Dunkan Bulk's primary weapon during the Attack on Makuhero City.


The weapon has a drill and a missile launcher. The drill The missile launcher can use either missiles that have mini-explosives in the tips or flash-bang missiles that are loud and can blind robotic foes in a minute.[SM4] The weapon can also shoot laser bursts.(Is this from an early 2013 Lego Magazine or HeroFactory.com?)

Example Usage

Bulk about to fire the drill

Bulk used the High Speed Laser Drill to ward off Blank Heroes in Episode 10: Brain Attack.

Set Information

Set 44004 BULK, released in early 2014, includes the High Speed Laser Drill, consisting of eight pieces.

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