Vortex Staff

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Vortex Staff
Status Out of use
User(s) Nathan Evo
Functionality Offensive attacks
Reach white-hot temperatures

A Vortex Staff, or Tornardo Staff,[Episode 10] was Nathan Evo's main weapon during the Brains' invasion on Makuhero City.


The Vortex Staff is able to reach white-hot temperatures to protect Evo from any possible danger. It is also capable of rotating its blades, hence its name. It can also use the blades to grab a target like a pincer and then be used to throw it.

When it is used underwater, it can propel Evo quickly through the water by rotating its blades. Evo can also use the staff to create an underwater tornado by rotating its blades to push several enemies away.

Set Information

The Vortex Arm is composed by 13 pieces, excluding Evo's hand, that was released in set 44012 EVO from the second Brain Attack wave in late 2013. Its blades can spin around. They can open and close like a pincer. The staff can be stored on Evo's back.

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