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Multi-Tool Ice Shield

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"This gadget functions as both a protective device for a Hero as well as a powerful weapon to take the fight to the bad guys."

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Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Multi-Tool Ice Shields.jpg
Status Out of use
User(s) [Hero]]es (formerly)
Functionality Freezing objects

The Multi-Tool Ice Shield (also known as MTIS) is a combination shield and weapon that can fire ice blasts.

There are five known Heroes who have used an MTIS, and each have customized their shields; all five of these Heroes have gained new armor and weapons, and no longer use the MTIS.

Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Appearance Hero Customization Status
FurnoMTIS.png William Furno Included rotating climbing hooks, cutting blades and a Dual-Fire Blaster, which could shoot jets of fire Out of use
StormerMTIS.png Preston Stormer Included ice spike projectiles which were powered by Stormer's Hero Core, as well as an ice blade. Out of use
NexMTIS.png Julius Nex Included enhanced cooling capabilities, enhanced ice blasts, pneumatic pincers, and two circular steel cutting blades. Out of use
EvoMTIS.png Nathan Evo Included a double-barreled ice cannon. Out of use
RockaMTIS.png Daniel Rocka Unknown Out of use


Designed in response to the Fire Villains raiding Tanker Station 22, the MTIS is capable of withstanding high-temperature blasts and has a built in cooling system to prevent overheating. Heroes commonly customize this shield to fit their needs. The shield is both defensive and offensive, capable of launching ice blasts.

Example Usage

Furno using his MTIS to shoot fire blasts

The four original MTIS users all used their weapons at once in a final assault upon the Fire Lord in Ordeal of Fire.

Set Information

A Multi-Tool Ice Shield was included in the sets 2065 Furno 2.0, 2063 Stormer 2.0, 2067 Evo 2.0 and 2068 Nex 2.0, all released in early 2011.

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