XT4 (Robot Class)

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This article is about the robot class. You may be looking for the villain.

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XT4 (Robot Class)
6229 XT4.jpg
Robot Class
Function Industrial Robot
Power(s) None
Location(s) Many Planets
Status Active

The XT4 are units of industrial robots created by Makuro Industries.


The XT4 robots were designed by Makuro Industries, giving them Razor Disc Slicers, Striking Blades, and Laser Slicers. They are developed at a plant on Mechna.

A shipment of XT4 robots was hijacked by Thornraxx working for the Legion of Darkness. Speeda Demon and Splitface attacked the ship, and Black Phantom sent the XT4's inside various ways, while capturing one simply referred to as XT4. It was reprogrammed to think he was a Hero and infiltrate Hero Factory, before Splitface changed his programming to be a cold and calculating criminal. He has since returned to Mechna.

Abilities and Traits

The XT4 series of robots are incapable of any form of emotion and only respond to programming directed to them by their masters.


  • According to a HeroFactory.com bio, XT4 stands for "Extra Tough with 4 arms".


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