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"I put the right bribes into the right hands, and the ones who matter look the other way when I need to 'borrow' something."
― Splitface, Legion of Darkness

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TV Splitface.png
Employer Black Phantom (formerly)
Weapons Shredding Claw
Poison Plasma Gun
Status Imprisoned
Set number 6218

Splitface is a two-faced schizophrenic villain, who had broken out of the Hero Factory Villain Containment.


Splitface was a criminal, and often partnered with Voltix in his villainous activities. While on Epsilon Gamma IV, Splitface and Voltix encountered the Alpha 1 Team, the first Heroes of the Hero Factory. The Heroes detained Voltix while Splitface fled, and he later told his story to Jawblade at a refueling station. Eventually Alpha 1 Team's exploits became legendary, and Splitface, Jawblade, Thornraxx and Speeda Demon were cowed by their presence.

Legion of Darkness

The villain Black Phantom eventually arrived and offered them a position in the Legion of Darkness. They accepted, and Splitface and Speeda Demon accompanied Black Phantom to a Makuro Industries plant where Thornraxx hijacked a shipment of XT4 robots. Splitface and Speeda Demon destroyed the ship to make it look like a crash, and Black Phantom took an XT4 and reprogrammed it. It infiltrated Hero Factory where Splitface flew by Makuhero City in a mining freighter, activating XT4's secondary programming layer. Speeda Demon and Splitface piloted the freighter to Asteroid J-54 for XT4 to escape with Voltix and Toxic Reapa. They set the engines on the ship to blow and escaped to Black Phantom's Drop Ship. After XT4 was successful, the three escaped.

The disaster at Asteroid J-54 led to Akiyama Makuro to shut down Hero Factory, causing Splitface to embark with the Legion to take Hero Factory itself. Upon arriving, Splitface went with XT4 to cut off the main power. However they were attacked by Stormer. Stormer activated a trap in the room, causing the floor to open under Splitface, where he fell down a pipe into the bowels of Hero Factory. Splitface was recovered and imprisoned on Asteroid J-54 before being transferred to the Hero Factory jail.

He later developed extreme schizophrenia with two personalities, organic and mechanical, that fought for control.


Splitface in the Sigma Sigma system

Voltix later instigated a mass breakout of the Hero Factory jail, and Splitface was one of the many escapees. He then traveled to the Sigma Sigma system, where he began attacking a communications satellite vital to the Hero Factory. He sent an asteroid toward the satellite, in an attempt to destroy it, but was attacked by the Hero Mark Surge. Though he often would argue with himself, Splitface was able to temporarily beat back Surge. Surge managed to fracture the asteroid but was assaulted by Splitface, who began to defeat Surge. However, Splitface was zapped by Surge's Electricity Shooter and thrown at the asteroid, shattering it. Surge picked up Splitface and delivered him back to Hero Factory.

The Doom Box

Until Hero Factory's prison was repaired, Splitface was interred on Asteroid J-54 again. Daniel Rocka came to question Splitface about Speeda Demon, and Splitface told him that Speeda Demon had bought a map for the Doom Box and passed it off to Core Hunter. He told the name of the world the Doom Box was forged on under heavy questioning by Rocka, and the promise of a bigger cell at the Hero Factory.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

After the Citadel took over the Makuhero City region, Splitface was a high-level criminal committing heists and had not developed his schizophrenic persona. He robbed a ticket window from a split-ticket event at the Von Nebula Stadium, but was stopped and his henchbots were defeated by the prime reality Alpha 1 Team, posing as a new gang. When the Brains invaded, he tried to create a barricade with Thornraxx but was overwhelmed and killed.

Abilities and Traits

Splitface is a schizophrenic disassociative with two distinct personalities. These two different identities are constantly at war with one another, although the confusion between the two leads to an unpredictability in fighting. He is also capable of using both identities simultaneously in his attacks, when the one particular identity cannot remain dominant or dormant. The different personalities stem from the two different halves of his body: one mechanical side, and one mutated organic side, each with their own related weapon and fighting preferences.


Each of Splitface's personalities prefers using a different weapon. The mechanical side prefers using a Shredding Claw, which has the power to slice through steel with ease, and is also armed with infectious spikes. The organic personality prefers using a Poison Plasma Gun (with a precision laser attached that can accurately target over 20 miles) to shoot the deadly and mutagenic substance Infecticide.

Set Information

6218 Splitface

Set 6218 Splitface was released in the first half of 2012 as part of the Breakout wave. The set's 50 pieces include a ball shooter and a Hero Core. However, the Hero Core is not used in the construction of the set, and is meant to provide a 300-point code for the online Breakout game. The helmet pieces of Splitface are reversible. Splitface can be combined with 6217 Surge to make a combi model using building instructions downloaded from HeroFactory.com.



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