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Mining Robot

Fire Lord absorbing energy
Robot Class
Function Mine precious minerals
Power(s) Fuel-Absorption
(Fire Villains)
Location(s) A planet on a galactic rim, Tallos 5
Status Active

Mining Robots are specialized robots designed to mine minerals.


The Aird Mining Company owned a group of Mining Robots on a planet on a galactic rim from the Makuhero Planet. Speeda Demon, a member of the Legion of Darkness, reprogrammed dozens of these robots, who each uses a turbo jackhammer, to attack the Heroes as a part of their plan to destroy the Hero Factory. He had the robots wait for a group of Heroes to come to them, so the robots would attack them. Preston Stormer and Jimi Stringer were sent to oversee a move of these robots that they thought was a mission given to them by Thresher, but the robots' forebot stated that the move did not happen, making the Heroes realize that the mission was a fake. They found that the Mining Robots instead attacked them. They were saved by XT4, who Black Phantom, leader of the Legion, had assigned to save the Heroes, in order to have XT4 join the team as an undercover agent. XT4, Stormer, and Stringer defeated the robots. Later, Speeda Demon and a fellow member of the Legion of Darkness, Splitface, stole the miners' old space freighter and ditched its crew on an asteroid. The two villains rigged the freighter to explode, and Black Phantom forced Stormer and Stringer to hit the freighter with their Drop Ship to try to destroy them, but the two Heroes survived. The Aird Mining Company later claimed damages for the incident.[SM2]

There were mining robots that used to mine a Duradium mine in a planet in the Omega system, but the mine later got abandoned years ago.[SM1]

On Tallos 5, Mining Robots are used to mine precious minerals and do construction. In order to cut down on time spent traveling back and forth between refueling stations in Tallos 5, each of four of the mining robots, Fire Lord, Drilldozer, Nitroblast, and Jetbug, was given hands through which they could absorb any type of energy, and maintain consistent work. However, no safeguards were installed, and the robots gained the capability to absorb unlimited amounts of power, though continued absorption fused together circuits in their heads, driving them insane. The four mining robots went rogue and formed a criminal syndicate, lead by Fire Lord. After attacking Tanker Station 22, the four were finally captured by five new 2.0 Heroes and a 1.0 Hero, Mark Surge, who got a 2.0 Upgrade later. The four were brought back to Hero Factory to be treated for their addiction.[Episode 5] They escaped in the mass Breakout, and went somewhere in the galaxy. However, since Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em was completed before Mission: Robot Rampage happened, the villains are recaptured by the Heroes.[SM4]

Abilities and Traits

Mining robots are equipped with fire-based tools and weaponry, used in various mining activities such as drilling and excavation. They all look different. They are taller than 2.0 Heroes, and some of them are larger than the others. The mining robots in Tallos 5 also do construction.[Episode 5]

Each of the Fire Villains possesses the ability to absorb any sort of raw power indefinitely through their hands. No safeguards were installed, and the more power, the more corrupted the robot's body and mental state of being would become until they went insane and lusted power.

There is a large amount of mining robots who worked in a series of limited shifts in active Duradium mines, and this is needed because exposure to Duradium weakens metals to the point where they crumble. No mining robot is allowed to dig for more than an hour at a time.[SM1]

The robots from the Aird Mining Company use turbo jackhammers, picks, and shovels to mine ore, including Duradium. They have a special class of foreman robots, or forebots, who are slightly larger than a 1.0 Hero. Each of them has a black stripe running down his right arm. Their job is to watch over the mining robots. The forebots have electronic tablets called Datapads, which they use to record information. If the forebots do not do their job, they would be told to monitor waste disposal systems next week, which they would not like to do. The mining robots also have ore space freighters that have transmat beams, which can teleport their occupants to the inside of another space ship. Each freighter has engines in two sectors of its center. The one that Speeda Demon and Splitface used was old, but it had a working transmat beam. The two villains rigged the freighter's engines to explode, and the engines overloaded to explode.[SM2]

Known Mining Robots


  • In Quatros, there were Hero Factory workers who mined for Quaza, but they stopped.[Episode 6] In Tanker Station 22, there are more of the Hero Factory workers mining stone.[Episode 5] More of the robots were seen investigating a hole in the Hero Factory building made by a Brain-possessed dragon called Dragon Bolt.[Episode 10] In Antropolis City, there are workers who tried to mine a tunnel below the city.[Episode 11] The workers from all four places are not a type of Mining Robots because they are the same type of robots as the ones in the Hero Factory, and they all look like Big Joe. There are also miners in Merak 9, and they use explosives called C-4000. They put the explosives in a large crate, which is carried by a hover ship. A rookie of the Alpha 1 Team, William Furno, had the miners hide while their crate of C-4000 was guarded by Stormer, Stringer, and Dunkan Bulk. The three veteran Heroes guarded the explosives from XPlode and Rotor, who tried to steal the explosives. The Heroes succeeded in stopping the villains, so the villains got away.[Episode 1][C1]