Blank Heroes

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Blank Heroes
Robot Class
Function Fighting
Power(s) None
Location(s) Hero Factory
Status Deactivated

Blank Heroes are mindless drones that are made by the Hero Factory to fight.


At some point, when the Hero Factory developed the Heroes' Brain Attack forms, they also made the Blank Heroes, whose design is based on the Brain Attack Heroes, to fight. Reason for the drones' creation is unknown. The Heroes called them "Blank Heroes". The drones did not have Hero Cores.

After the Hero Mark Surge got possessed by a Brain during the Attack on Makuhero City, the Brain made Surge go inside the Hero Factory building and used the building's Assembly Tower to make an army of tons of Blank Heroes in a plan to destroy the building from within. When Surge's fellow Alpha 1 Team members, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, and Nathan Evo, came inside the Factory to find him, Surge and the drones revealed themselves. Furno tried to convince Surge to get out of the Brain's control, but Surge could not hear Furno, and then stepped back to have his army shield him. The non-possessed Heroes started to fight the drones. Each drone was easy to be defeated by one of the Heroes because the drones did not have Hero Cores, so the Heroes would not have to hold back. After many of the drones were defeated, Surge used the Assembly Tower to make more drones, as discovered by Stormer, who deduced that Surge was going to use the drones to tire out the Heroes to defeat them and destroy the Hero Factory from within. Furno told Breez to go to Surge. Breez fought her way to the tower's console, and then stopped Surge from making more Blank Heroes, and eventually freed him from his Brain. Breez told Surge to shut down the drones, and Surge used the console to do so, ending the fight.[Episode 10][TBW]

Abilities and Traits

The Blank Heroes are featureless and generic drones that look like Brain Attack Heroes. They are black and bulky. They have no mouths or Hero Cores. They do not wear helmets, either. Each of the Blank Heroes has one red eye on its face and an antenna on the right side of its head. The Blank Heroes are as tall as Stormer and Surge's Brain Attack forms. They are mindless and not smart. They do not carry weapons, but they can jump very high. A Blank Hero can easily be defeated by one Brain Attack Hero, but an army of them can overwhelm four or five Brain Attack Heroes. They are created in the Assembly Tower by Hero Factory staff, and the drones can also be activated, controlled, and deactivated by thrm through a console for the tower. If the Blank Heroes are controlled by an evil being who plans to use them against the Heroes, the Heroes have no qualms in destroying the drones due to them being mindless drones without Hero Cores. The Blank Heroes were made to fight.


The model in a page about the Character and Creature Building System was used as a template for the Blank Heroes
  • Despite being called "Blank Heroes" and "Hero wannabes" by the Heroes, created in the Assembly Tower, and have a similar body structure, they are not truly Heroes because they do not have Hero Cores, and are different from the Heroes.
  • The Blank Heroes' design was inspired by a generic model that was used to represent the Character and Creature Building System (CCBS).