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XT4 in Mechna
Inhabitants XT4 robots
Worker robots
Class Planet

Mechna is a planet that houses a robotics factory.


Mechna is known for being the home of a factory created by Makuro Industries, which was responsible for creating XT4 robots.

A hover vehicle containing a shipment of 24 XT4 robots was hijacked by Thornraxx, a member of the Legion of Darkness. Black Phantom, the leader of the Legion, stole the XT4 robots before he had two more members of the Legion, Splitface and Speeda Demon, smash the ship to make it look like it crashed. He reprogrammed all but one of the XT4 robots to wander around the area. He reprogrammed the last one to be his personal assistant, XT4, and to think that he was a Hero to infiltrate the Hero Factory. Thresher and Nathaniel Zib later arrived to investigate the crash, as assigned by Akiyama Makuro.[SM2]

Julius Nex in Mechna

After the Breakout started by Voltix, the reprogrammed XT4 unit escaped back to Mechna. Hero Julius Nex was then charged with bringing the robot back to prison. XT4 was still on the loose when Mission: The Doom Box happened.[SM1] Later on, Nex managed to recapture XT4 and bring him back to the Hero Factory.[FO:MSG]


Mechna is known to house a large robot factory from Makuro Industries which develops, among others, the XT4 robots for industrial jobs around the galaxy. There are a few guards near the front and rear entrances of the factory. There are hover vehicles entering and leaving the factory's shipping docks.[SM2, p. 35] Each of the vehicles' rear can carry 24 XT4 robots, who sit in there.[SM2, p. 36]

The planet also has moons.[SM2, p. 35]



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