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Floater Enforcer Drones

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Floater Enforcer Drones
Robot Class
Function Law enforcement
Power(s) Flight
Location(s) Outer cities
Status Active

Floater Enforcer Drones, or FEDs, are levitating robots that carry out law enforcement in the outer cities (such as Mekron City).


FEDs in Comic 3: The Enemy Within

A number of Floater Enforcer Drones are used by the Mekron City police department. During a lockdown that resulted from a trap set by Meltdown, a number of them were ordered to attack the Heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge (who were lured to the location by a distress call made to the Hero Factory Call Center). The four heroes used their weapons to incapacitate the drones.[Episode 3][C3]

When Akiyama Makuro was presenting the 2.0 Upgrade to the press, he used many FEDs to have two new Heroes, Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, who are born with the upgrade, show their fighting skills. The two Heroes destroyed these FEDs.

Later, after Breez, Furno, and Stormer got the upgrade, Nathaniel Zib, Quadal, and several Hero Factory workers used many FEDs as training robots for the Heroes in the Hero Factory's Virtual Training Site to help them train with the upgrade. The Heroes destroyed these FEDs.[Episode 5]

Abilities and Traits

Floater Enforcer Drones are small, silver disk-like robots that have the power of flight. Each of the drones has one red eye, and is equipped with two laser blasters.

The Drones are mindless robots that are commanded to fight their controller's enemies. A Drone can be defeated by one hit from a Hero's 1.0 weapon.

Hero Factory's FEDs

The Hero Factory's FEDs are used as target practice for the Heroes. These FEDs have red bottoms while the ones in Mekron City have silver ones.