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Alternate Universe
Inhabitants Various
Class Reality

Alternate Universes, also known as Alternate Realities, are realities separated from the prime Hero Factory universe. These realities exist within the same space and time as the prime universe, but on a different vibration level, and feature a myriad of changes that spawned from the result of different events or choices occurring in that particular reality. Several realities have recently intersected, leading Preston Stormer of the prime universe's Alpha 1 Team to map out where they exist.

Known Realities

Reality 09091.5

In this universe, William Furno's rookie mission, Mission: Von Nebula, ends disastrously for his career. As a result, he quits the Hero Factory in order to start his own competing organization, named Justice Apex, along with several other Factory rookies. The two organizations often come into conflict, fighting each other as much as they fight crime and villainy.

Reality 11275.6

After a crippling failure in an early Alpha 1 Team mission, the entire Hero Factory is shut down, allowing villains to establish themselves as the dominant power in the universe. From the renamed Von Nebula City, villains rule on high from the Citadel. This universe was recently visited by Alpha 1 Team of the prime universe.

Reality 37834.1

During Mission: New Stellac City, Von Ness does not run away out of cowardice, and never becomes the villainous Von Nebula. Instead, he rises to lead the Hero Factory after Akiyama Makuro's retirement in this reality. He eventually dies as a great Hero, attempting to repel a revived Legion of Darkness.

Reality 45098.3

During the events of the Brain attack, the Heroes discover the Galactic Conspiracy. In an effort to ensure their own survival, the Alpha 1 Team ruthlessly crushes the conspiracy, and sets up certain measures to prevent similar threats. These measures eventually evolve into a galactic dictatorship by Stormer and his team.

Reality 50678.2

At an unknown point in time, Nathaniel Zib develops a remote reprogrammer, which allows him to rewire the thinking and circuitry of robots. The reprogrammer is ultimately used on every single villain, and they become constructive members of society. Lacking their primary purpose of crime fighting, the Heroes travel to other galaxies in search of adventure.

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