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Reality 11275.6
Inhabitants Villains, Heroes, Brains
Class Alternate Reality

Reality 11275.6 is an Alternate Universe encountered by the Alpha 1 Team of the prime reality.


Reality 11275.6 diverged from the prime universe in an early mission of the Alpha 1 Team. Alpha 1 was badly damaged during this mission, and the entire Hero Factory corporation went defunct. With unchecked freedom, the Villains eventually took over the universe. Von Nebula, former Hero turned crime lord, became leader of Makuhero City, which he renamed Von Nebula City. The villains became part of a crime syndicate which ruled from The Citadel in Von Nebula City.

When the Alpha 1 Team of the prime reality arrived in Reality 11275.6 after an accident in their own universe which involved a power generator, the energy blasted them across realities. There, they dealt with with the villains, while trying to understand the differences in realities. Their trans-dimensional voyage attracted the attention of the Brains of that universe, who had evolved naturally rather than being manufactured.


  • Von Nebula City
  • The Citadel


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