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Reality 11275.6
Inhabitants Villains
Class Alternate Reality

Reality 11275.6, or Dark Mirror World or simply Mirror World unofficially,[FO:MSG] is an alternate universe encountered by the Alpha 1 Team of the prime reality.


Reality 11275.6 diverged from the prime universe in an early mission of the Alpha 1 Team more than a hundred years ago. William Furno was created when the team was formed. One of the members of the team, Von Ness, betrayed the Hero Factory early by helping the Legion of Darkness defeat them and make the entire Hero Factory corporation go defunct. With unchecked freedom, the villains eventually took over much of the galaxy.

Von Ness became a villain called Von Nebula and then ruler of Makuhero City, which he renamed "Von Nebula City". He also renamed the city's university called Makuhero University as "Von Nebula University". The villains created the Citadel in Von Nebula City, and became part of a crime syndicate in there. The inner circle of the Citadel consisted of Von Nebula, the Legion of Darkness, XT4, and Core Hunter. The villains had robotic warriors called the Jolters be their guards and bounty hunters. They imprisoned some Heroes in the Citadel's prison. Von Nebula secretly kept the would-be founder of the Hero Factory, Akiyama Makuro, prisoner since that day. He also made the University's Histotron misform robots about Makuro having disappeared and probably deactivated, and Speeda Demon told the people for years that he had deactivated Makuro. Von Nebula made people from some planets that he did not take over scared of him.

Noticing his dependence on his Black Hole Orb Staff, Von Nebula attempted to merge its power in him. Preston Stormer stopped him midway through the process and both of their bodies were heavily distorted. Preston escaped. He then was repaired by Makuro. Makuro also taught Preston how to build flying vehicles called "Sky Sleds". Makuro told Preston to stay out of sight, that Von Nebula would never stop hunting for Preston. Preston tried to escape the city a few times, but failed. Preston hid somewhere, waiting for a call from Alpha Team since. He taught some Heroes, who were hiding with him, how to make Sky Sleds.

Because of the Hero Factory being defunct, many future Heroes, like Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, Nathan Evo, Daniel Rocka, and Julius Nex, never existed.

Von Nebula forced Makuro to make a metal called Amelium, so Von Nebula promised that he would not destroy the city with his 'engineering marvel'. Three years ago, Von Nebula forced Makuro to make an Amelium cylinder. Since then, Makuro refused to help Von Nebula anymore.

The Brains are radically different from the ones from the main universe. Instead of being created, they evolved naturally. They are larger, have two gossamer-thin wings, and can fire devastating mental blasts as well as communicate telepathically. They are nomadic warriors who conquered several worlds, and were interested in causing destruction in wherever they went rather than ruling over others. They cannot control beings' minds for an indefinite time, as their hosts burn out quickly. The Brains searched for technology to manufacture robotic bodies that do not have minds of their own and they would use as new bodies and to eliminate their weakness of being organic. The Brains would then use the robotic bodies to make and use battle machines. However, the technology was not present in their universe.

Recently, Voltix captured William, imprisoned him, and broke his will.

The Citadel inner circle members were creating a generator and testing a new power source with it, and Von Nebula used the Amelium cylinder to power the generator.

When four members of the Alpha 1 Team of the prime reality, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, and Natalie Breez, arrived in Reality 11275.6 after an accident in their own universe, which involved its own generator and was actually caused by Karter, they dealt with the Citadel for four and a half days while trying to understand the differences between the two realities and finding the alternate universe's generator that they needed to get back home. The Heroes also freed the Citadel's prisoners, who took some of the Jolters' gear.

The Heroes' trans-dimensional voyage attracted the attention of the Brains, and the Brains planned to conquer both Von Nebula's galaxy and the prime reality Heroes' galaxy. The Brains invaded Von Nebula City to find the Heroes while the prisoners fought the Jolters. They teamed up with Von Nebula to capture the main reality Heroes. One of the Brains read Stormer's mind. The Brains discovered the existence of the Hero Factory from the prime universe and that they would need the alternate universe's generator to get to the prime universe. Along the way, Stormer read his Brain's mind and learned about what they are and what they were planning. The Brains told Von Nebula to take them to the generator. Von Nebula, who initially did not care about the prime reality, pretended to do the Brains the favor by delaying the construction of the generator and secretly forcing the prime reality Heroes to ally with him because he did not want his prime reality counterpart to eventually win.

Von Nebula showed Stormer Makuro. Stormer convinced Makuro to help them fight the Brains. The Brains discovered that they were betrayed, so they continued their attack on the Citadel and the Heroes. The Brains destroyed Von Nebula's fellow inner circle members of the Citadel and the Jolters. Meanwhile, the alternate reality's Jimi Stringer gave his William a small, black device called the Alpha Team communicator, which William used to contact their Preston. Meanwhile, Makuro created a low-emission beta wave weapon that can put five to six Brains at a time to sleep. The prisoners, Preston, and the rest of the alternate reality's Heroes came to help the prime reality Heroes fight the Brains. When Von Nebula saw his Stormer, he got angry and tried to use the Black Hole Orb Staff to destroy him, but both versions of Stormer defeated Von Nebula by disrupting the staff's gravitational power, causing it to fold Von Nebula's body into itself and disappear, finally putting an end to his reign. The Heroes from both universes defeated the Brains.

After the defeat of the Brains, everyone from Von Nebula City got word about who just saved it. The prime reality Heroes made the generator able to take them back home. They bid farewell to their counterparts and Makuro, who plan to destroy the generator after the prime reality Heroes returned home to make sure no invader gets there. The alternate reality's Heroes and Makuro also plan to get rid of the rest of the Citadel and its empire and to rebuild the city back to the way it was before Von Nebula took over it and the Hero Factory, so they will reform the Hero Factory organization. The prime reality Heroes returned home.[SM5]

The prime reality Stormer studied the alternate reality and more than four others.(Dangerous Dimensions)


Makuhero City/Von Nebula City

The city was once Makuhero City, but when Von Nebula took over it, he renamed it "Von Nebula City". It is filled with defensive strong points. The city has at least 27 destructive places called Destruction Booths, also called Destruction Chambers, which were used to destroy robots who got punished to do so, as told by the members of the Citadel's inner circle. The city also has manholes that robots call "robotholes" because they use the manholes. It has a sensor array in outer space.

The city also has a deserted warehouse district, where the prime reality Alpha 1 Team Heroes landed when they got to the alternate universe. There is an abandoned building near the Citadel, which the prime reality Heroes used as a temporary base.

After the Hero Factory building was destroyed, it is replaced with new buildings by the Citadel. These buildings have construction dates stamped on them while the dates looked like they were made before the Hero Factory came into existence. The buildings made the Hero Factory look like that it never existed.

The center of the city was where shipments of protean space gems were delivered from a frontier world. People from that world made these deliveries, so the Citadel would discourage its space-faring thieves from targeting that world.

There are also pleasure cruises that has rich robots, and vast amounts of jewels and precious metals.

When the Brains attacked the city, they damaged it.

Von Nebula Stadium

The stadium was once the Makuhero Stadium, but when Von Nebula took over the city, he renamed the stadium as the "Von Nebula Stadium". The stadium is where an obstacle course race happens. It features robot runners from all over the galaxy. During a championship obstacle course race, if there are so many robots who entered the race, the promoters will create two separate courses and divide up the runners between them. They then will sell a split ticket that allows fans to cross back and forth between races and see both if they wish. The money used for purchase is contained in a security pouch. (NOTE: Although the name "Makuhero Stadium" is not mentioned, it can be assumed that, since Von Nebula City is very much like Makuhero City, "Makuhero Stadium" was the original name of the Von Nebula Stadium.)

Recently, Splitface, who loved stealing money from a split ticket event in the stadium, and his gang of robot thugs were trying to commit a crime there by stealing the security pouch with money in it during a championship obstacle course race, but the prime reality Heroes stopped them, defeated Splitface's gang, and robbed him by stealing the pouch, angering him.

Makuhero University/Von Nebula University

The university was once Makuhero University, but when Von Nebula took over the city, he renamed the university as "Von Nebula University". People's jobs there remained the same, but when an L-model robot became aware of someone looking for information on anything suspicious, she would inform a member of the Citadel's inner circle about it. The University's headset called the Histotron is larger and looks different from the prime reality's Makuhero City's Histotron because of Von Nebula, as it has a crude design. Von Nebula put false information in the headset about Makuro disappearing and having presumely deactivated. Where L-22 worked in is called VNU Sector 1.

There is a destruction booth near the university called D.B. #27.


The Citadel is a huge fortress that was the capital of Von Nebula's domain. Von Nebula, XT4, Core Hunter, and the Legion of Darkness were the Citadel's inner circle who worked inside the building and used it as their headquarters. It was guarded by the Jolters. The Citadel has many floors, stairs, elevators, maintenance ladders, corridors, and machines. Some of the corriders are winding. The Citadel also has stone walls.

There are gates that lead to the Citadel's main doors.

One of the elevators leads to a large meeting chamber. The stone floor in the room is made to absorb sound, so footsteps would not make any sounds. The room has a semi-circular dais, where the inner circle sat and talked. Each of the inner circle member's seat has a spotlight to show himself, but Von Nebula stayed in the darkness because he did not want to show his distorted body to visitors in the room. Each of the inner circle member's seat has a trapdoor underneath, and Von Nebula would use a toggle switch on a control panel to open the trapdoor, dropping something on it to somewhere. Von Nebula would also use the control panel to drop the other inner circle members to their dooms. There is a red button on the control panel that could summon XT4. The room has sliding panels all around it, and when they are opened, Jolters came out of them.

There is a room occupied by Speeda Demon, and it has a desk and the central communications console. The latter allows him to get meesages from an L-model robot in Von Nebula University, and he used it to reply back to the L-model robot.

Von Nebula had a cavernous room, which is in a high floor in the Citadel, and a person would use a private turbo elevator to get there. Von Nebula always sat in the shadows in the room. Speeda Demon's room has such an elevator leading to Von Nebula's room. The ceiling of Von Nebula's room got destroyed by the Brains before Von Nebula started speaking to them.

The Citadel has a prison room and an interrogation chamber. The prison room has a long narrow highway, and the Jolters had electronic keys that can open the room's cell block's cells. The cells have cots. About half of the prison cells were occupied with imprisoned Heroes when the Brains invaded the city. The prison room also has a repair bay, where a prisoner would get chained to a table. The room's Jolter guards had a computer station that provided a layout of the building. There is a control room, which Voltix used to watch over the prison. The control room has a desk. If there were a breakout in the prison, he would hit the alarm button to call all reserve guards to deal with the situation. The Citadel has a communication system, and Voltix would use it to alert people in the Citadel. The Citadel also has security cameras all over the city, and a satellite that has a camera, which was used to look over the city from above.

The Citadel's top floor has a locked hatch, which the prime reality Furno melted to open.

The heart of the Citadel has Von Nebula's enemies placed in there to scare others into not foolishly oppose him.

The Citadel has a small armory. Prisoners' weapons would be kept there. The Citadel also has vaults, which contain a material called Ion-Insulation, or "I-I" for short, because it makes robotic criminals immune to getting stunned by Jolters’ Electro-Staffs. This material was banned by the Citadel in the manufacture of robots.

The Citadel has a testing laboratory, where the alternate universe's generator is kept. The laboratory has a corrider. Each inner circle member had a lab pass to open the room since it was top security. The door was 20 feet thick, but the Brains damaged it when they tried to get to the generator. The inner circle was building the generator to test out the alternate reality's version of a new source of power from the prime reality, but when the Brains invaded the city and Von Nebula became concerned about the possibility of his prime reality counterpart winning once the Brains used the generator to get to the prime reality, he delayed finishing the machine by slicing the generator's Amelium cylinder in half, preventing the machine from being used, and took one of the halves. After he convinced the prime reality Heroes to help him fight the Brains, Von Nebula gave the half to them. After he disappeared, and the inner circle and Jolters were destroyed by the Brains, the prime reality Furno and prime reality Bulk finished creating the generator, and Bulk sabotaged it to make it able to take him, Furno, the prime reality Stormer, and the prime reality Breez back to the prime reality. The alternate reality's Heroes plan to destroy the generator to prevent invaders from coming to the main reality after the main reality Heroes used it to get back home.

The Citadel's ground floor is where Speeda Demon's motorcycle is kept. It has a secret passage that leads to a winding stairway. It goes down beyond the basements and sub-basements and into the bowels of the city itself. Going down a long, dank corridor, which smells bad, as it smells like old machine oil and rust, leads to Akiyama Makuro's prison cell.

The Citadel has an auxiliary laboratory, where Makuro created a low-emission beta wave device. The room is below the Citadel's upper levels.

The Citadel has a waterfront, which was guarded by Jolters.

When the Brains attacked the city, they damaged the Citadel.



Like the prime reality, the laws in Makuhero City were rational. However, when Von Nebula and the Legion of Darkness ruled the city and the Citadel, Von Nebula made crime legal and heroism illegal. For example, stopping someone from stealing someone else's box of tools was illegal. Von Nebula was the head of the Citadel, and the members of the Citadel's inner circle were the Legion of Darkness, XT4, and Core Hunter. Any robotic citizen who broke a law in the city would get one of two punishments, which are either to go to the Citadel's prison or go to a destruction booth to get destroyed. Leaving a line of people who were heading to the destruction booth topped the Citadel's list of major offenses, and the punishment for it was worse than staying in it. Legitimately pardoned offenders were sometimes reluctant to accept their good fortune. However, Von Nebula would save the lawbreakers from getting destroyed in the destruction booth for his own reasons. If an inner circle member failed to rescue the lawbreaker from the destruction, as commanded by Von Nebula, Von Nebula would sentence the member to the destruction booth as well.

Voltix would break Heroes' wills after tricking and capturing them.

The Citadel did not want people to look for the Hero Factory. Since Makuhero City was changed into Von Nebula City, people did not remember Hero Factory or Makuhero City. After the Legion of Darkness destroyed the Hero Factory building, the Citadel replaced it with new buildings to make the Hero Factory building look like that it did not exist, so the Citadel could prevent people from learning about the Hero Factory. Von Nebula had the right to make the Histotron tell its user what he wanted the user to believe. After Von Nebula captured Akiyama Makuro, he made fake information in the Histotron, where Makuro had disappeared long ago and was presumed deactivated, to misinform the Histotron's user, so Von Nebula could prevent the user and other people from finding Makuro. Speeda Demon claimed that he was the one who deactivated Makuro.

If any robot got suspicious of a certain situation, they would call a member of the inner circle to inform the Citadel about it, and they would have to use an access code to do so. The Citadel had codes called the Citadel Codes, which respond to emergencies. An example of the codes is Citadel Code 14-B. If the inner circle member felt that the caller had misused the call, he would say that the call did not rise to the level of Citadel Code 14-B and then sentence the caller to getting destroyed in a destruction booth. The prisoners were Heroes. Citizens of Von Nebula City were somewhat afraid of the Citadel.

Villains in the Citadel would drive a kind of motorcycle called "Jet Cycles".

The society respected lawlessness, force, and power. Status was based on how many gangs one controls, how much territory one has, and how many robots answer to them, and these actions involved crimes. When someone did the actions, they would get the Citadel's inner circle's attention in three days, convincing Von Nebula to have XT4 come to the criminals to investigate. The criminals would upset Von Nebula's fellow inner circle with their crimes. When the criminals let the inner circle know that they want to negotiate, the inner circle would imprison one of their own to show that they were willing to do their request. When any member of the inner circle would make unwanted remarks in their meeting room, Von Nebula would press a button that would send that member to somewhere in the building. If Von Nebula would get so angry, he would send the members to their dooms if they bothered him. Von Nebula would not tolerate the guests wanting to take over the Citadel or talking back at him and the inner circle, and he would punish the guests by sending them somewhere, too. He would also summon Jolters to imprison the guests in the Citadel. Von Nebula would place his enemies like trophies in the heart of the Citadel to scare others into not foolishly oppose him.

Also, if a member of the inner circle avoided doing an assigned theft, one would notify the Citadel about it, telling on the one who did the avoiding. The Citadel would think about banishing the member to the frontier, destroying him, or throwing him to a black hole portal created by the Black Hole Orb Staff, but they would be kind enough to give him a mildly torturous punishment. Speeda Demon was put in the Citadel's room with the central communications console for a week as his punishment.

When an L-model robot, a clerk that runs Von Nebula University's library, broke the law, the robot would get replaced by another L-model robot.

In the Citadel, Von Nebula had robotic warriors called Jolters as his guards and bounty hunters. The members of the inner circle served as his lieutenants for them, though Voltix and Speeda Demon usually led the jolters. Voltix had his own group of jolters, who guarded the Citadel's prison. It is possible that Voltix may had been the one who created and recruited the jolters in general. The jolters wore helmets. They used Electro-Staffs that can temporarily stun any robot who is not protected by Ion-Insulation, which was banned in the manufacture of robots in the city and was in the Citadel's vaults. The Jolters rode flying vehicles called "Sky Cycles", which made them harder to defeat for the Heroes. The Sky Cycles could possible be the Jet Cycles and versions of XPlode and Corroder's flying vehicles from the prime reality. While the Jolters were solidly built, the Sky Cycles were not much, which would give the Jolters' enemies an advantage over them. The Sky Cycles have outer armor, but their internal wiring is not protected by armor, so the Sky Cycles can easily be destroyed that way. When the enemies like Furno fought the Jolters on foot, they could outrun them. The Jolters had a habit of destroying the Citadel's enemies, and this could prevent the Citadel from asking the enemies who they are. When the Jolters were bored, they would try to convince condemned robots in a line of offenders that were heading to a destruction booth to leave the line, which would lead to the offenders' punishment for doing so. The Jolters would do it for fun, but this sometimes made legitimately pardoned offenders reluctant to accept their good fortune. The Jolters used their Sky Cycles to fly around the top of the Citadel. Von Nebula would threaten to have the Jolters disassembled slowly if they did not do what he says.

After Von Nebula's body got distorted, he banned all mirrors in the Citadel. Von Nebula would place his enemies like trophies in the heart of the Citadel as a warning to his foolish enemies who dare to defy him.

The Alpha 1 Team has at least one communicator, which is a small, black device and allows a member of the team to contact the other. All Heroes ride flying vehicles called "Sky Sleds". Makuro created a low-emission beta wave weapon that can put six Brains to sleep.

Since Von Nebula disappeared, and the Brains damaged the city and destroyed the inner circle of the Citadel and Jolters, Makuro and the Heroes plan to get rid of the rest of the Citadel and rebuild the city back to the way it was before Von Nebula took over it. Makuro also plans to fulfill his dream of running the Hero Factory again.


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