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This article is about the television episode. You may be looking for the comic.

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Episode 7
Television Episode
Director Howard E. Baker
Producer(s) Joshua R. Wexler, Kristy Scanlan
Writer Jesse Peyronel
Starring John Schneider, Eric Christian Olsen, Christopher B. Duncan
Channel Nicktoons
Released September 5, 2011
Runtime 23 minutes

Savage Planet Part 2 is the seventh episode in the Hero Factory television series. The episode, which was written by Jesse Peyronel and directed by Howard E. Baker, was originally aired on September 5, 2011 on Nicktoons, immediately preceeded by Episode 6: Savage Planet Part 1. It was released on DVD October 4, 2011 along with Part 1, with Ordeal of Fire as a bonus feature.


As Furno battles a Waspix in the air, Stringer and Nex engage a Scorpio. Nex is downed by the Scorpio’s fire, leaving Stringer alone. Meanwhile at the temple, as a Raw-Jaw continues to deliver Quaza to a container, the undersized Rocka, Stormer, and Bulk stealthily make their way to the temple entrance. Bulk scans the symbols carved on the face of the structure and sends them to Zib for deciphering. According to Zib, the symbols tell how the temple was built by an ancient civilization at the focal point of the planet's Quaza core. Zib deduces that if the Heroes can drop enough Quaza down the top of the temple into the planet’s core, Quatros will remain intact. Witch Doctor arrives at the temple, abusing Raw-Jaw for moving slowly. He rants about how the Hero Factory deemed him radical and insane, but vows to revenge his banishment upon Akiyama Makuro and the Factory with an unstoppable army powered by Quaza. Rocka inadvertently makes a noise, drawing Witch Doctor’s attention. Catching a brief glimpse of Rocka, the villain sends a Fangz after the Heroes, but they go unnoticed due to their shrunken size. In an effort to buy them time, Rocka attacks the Fangz and draws it away from his teammates. He manages to trick it into knocking itself out, but two more Fangzes confront the three Heroes.

In the jungle, the battles in the air and on the ground continue. While Furno dodges the Waspix, Stringer attempts to wrestle the Scorpio into submission, but the creature throws him off its back. Nex tries to engage it, but a swipe from its tail sends him over the edge of the branch and clinging for life as the Scorpio turns on Stringer. Furno lures the Waspix into a cluster of vines, and rescues Nex as he falls from the branch. They land behind Scorpio, but the Waspix frees itself and resumes its attack on Furno. Together, Stringer and Nex flip the Scorpio onto its back, leaving it helpless. Furno steers the Waspix towards Stringer, who knocks it out with his claw. Nex notices that Waspix’s spikes are glowing, similar to the glow of Quaza, and surmises that they must be linked to Witch Doctor. Stringer breaks off the spikes and the Waspix, freed from Witch Doctor’s control, flees. The Scorpio suddenly appears and attacks the three Heroes. Stormer contacts Furno and tells him that Witch Doctor has captured Rocka and Bulk. Furno and the others retreat and run for the temple, with the Scorpio behind them. As they approach, Furno, assisted by Stringer, manages to remove one of the Scorpio’s Quaza spikes, breaking Witch Doctor’s control over the beast. Freed, the Scorpio attacks his former master. Meanwhile, Furno goes after the Quaza, while Stringer and Nex take their shrunken teammates to the transporter.

With the fight going badly for him, Witch Doctor commands Raw-Jaw to turns on the Scorpio. As the two beasts battle, Witch Doctor launches the blimp filled with the mined Quaza. Furno, surrounded by two Fangz, is warned by Zib that the planet will fragment in mere minutes.

Nex rewires the transporter and, using his and Stringer’s connected cores as a power source, reverses the miniaturizing effects it had on Rocka, Bulk, and Stormer. Furno evades the two Fangz, and rejoins his teammates. Just as Raw-Jaw defeats the Scorpio, throwing the scorpion over a ledge, and begs the Heroes for help before Witch Doctor retakes control of it. As Furno, Stringer, Nex and Bulk engage Raw-Jaw, Rocka charges Witch Doctor, but is batted aside. Stormer confronts his former mentor, and the two begin to duel.

Furno and Nex lure Raw-Jaw to the temple, where Stringer drops from above onto the creature’s back and breaks off its Quaza spike. Thanking the Heroes, the liberated beast flees into the jungle. While Stringer aids Bulk against two Fangz, Furno and Nex find Rocka inside the temple, trying to think of a way to defeat Witch Doctor. Furno advises Rocka that the only way to do so is to surprise the villain, perhaps by using pieces of ancient armor scattered about the temple.

Stormer is paralyzed by a blast from Witch Doctor’s staff, defiantly claiming that the power of Quaza should be used to help others. As he prepares to finish the Hero off, Witch Doctor is attacked by Rocka outfitted in the armor from the temple, who proves to be a match for Witch Doctor's enhanced speed and strength. Meanwhile, Stringer and Bulk manage to remove the Quaza spikes from the Fangz they are fighting. Rocka subdues the Witch Doctor, but a tremor knocks him off balance and Witch Doctor gains the upper hand. As the villain raises his staff to strike, Stormer snatches it away and snaps it in two, destroying Witch Doctor’s power source. With the planet only ninety seconds away from breaking apart, Furno breaks a hole in the Quaza blimp, slowly sending chunks of the mineral into the temple. As his damaged wings are still capable of gliding, Furno has Bulk throw him to the craft. He sabotages the engines, causing the entire blimp to fall through the temple. All of the Quaza returns to the planet’s core and Quatros is healed.

The Heroes arrest Witch Doctor and as they depart, Stormer commends Furno and Rocka on their teamwork and Furno personally for putting his differences with Rocka aside for the good of the mission, reluctantly admitting, “Good job.” Rocka is then assailed by the two freed Fangz, who proceed to lick him.


Actor Role(s)
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Eric Christian Olsen William Furno
Christopher B. Duncan Dunkan Bulk
Stephen Stanton Jimi Stringer
Tom Kenny Daniel Rocka/Rocka
Jason Canning Julius Nex
Jean Louisa Kelly Waspix
Fred Tatasciore Witch Doctor
Dee Bradley Baker Fangz
Henry Winkler Nathaniel Zib


The Savage Planet DVD
  • The Savage Planet DVD was available in a co-pack with Rise of the Rookies. As a bonus this co-pack included a Savage Planet comic at Walmart stores.
  • On the DVD, this episode's title card is omitted, and it begins immediately after Episode 6.
  • Strangely, this episode is not featured in Lego's YouTube Channel.
  • In the scene where Furno, Stringer, and Nex were running from the Scorpio, when Furno sees a vine, he says "I saw this in a movie once" and then he and his fellow Heroes use a vine to get across. This is possibly a reference to the Tarzan movies, where Tarzan swings a vine to travel through a part of a jungle.

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