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"If you're expecting glory, the door is over there – this is not about personal glory. If you're expecting to become a legend, same answer – the odds are, none of us will be remembered past the day we are decommissioned. But if you want to feel like you made a difference, this is the place for you."
― Thresher to the Alpha 1 Team, Legion of Darkness

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Hero 1.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team (formerly)
Weapons Mass Driver Launchers
Status Functional

Thresher is a veteran Hero that once led the famous Alpha 1 Team.


Thresher was the leader of the Alpha 1 Team, the first ever active Hero Factory squad.

He led rookie Hero Preston Stormer on one of the Hero Factory's first missions: stopping the villains Voltix and Splitface after a heist in the Epsilon Gamma system. When the two villains had the rookie cornered, Thresher emerged and tossed a magnetic object with a timer at Voltix, claiming it to be a magnetic mine that only a Hero could remove. As Voltix pleaded for help, Splitface ran off, pursued by Stormer. When Stormer returned empty-handed, Thresher cuffed Voltix and revealed that the magnetic mine was a decoy, and only contained a self-looping timer. After the mission, Thresher congratulated Stormer on their success, but also detailed the mistakes he had made.

Later Thresher inducted newly commissioned Heroes Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, and Von Ness into the team, and led them on missions in an effort to keep the universe free of crime and villainy.

Legion of Darkness

Thresher was on an errand for Akiyama Makuro when XT4 stole a Hero Craft from the Hero Factory hangar and the rest of Alpha 1 Team pursued him to Asteroid J-54. Thresher later arrived to assist his team, but found that the Hero Craft being used by Stormer and Stringer had been badly damaged by an exploding freighter. Intercepting the craft, he recovered the bodies of Stormer and Stringer, both powered down, then made a course for the asteroid where Bulk and Von Ness were stranded after their Hero Craft was used as an escape vehicle by the villains XT4, Voltix, and Toxic Reapa.

A few days later, when Stormer and Stringer had both regained consciousness, Thresher and Nathaniel Zib summoned the team to the briefing room. There, Zib revealed that XT4 (who had previously posed as a new Hero on the team) was in fact an XT4 industrial robot manufactured by Makuro Industries and reprogrammed by the Legion of Darkness. Thresher then explained that the Alpha 1 Team's recent mishaps had brought the Hero Factory a great deal of negative media attention, which impaired their reputation as a force for good in the galaxy, and that a result Makuro had decided to shut down Hero Factory and convert it into a facility that would manufacture deep-space exploration robots. The other members accepted positions as security staff for Makuro's other facilities; Thresher asked Stormer about his plans, and when Stormer revealed that he intended to keep up the fight against Black Phantom, Thresher ordered to help him oversee shutdown operations before they decided on plans for Stormer's future.

Shortly thereafter, Thresher and Stormer discovered members of the Legion of Darkness attempting to infiltrate the Hero Factory, and transform it into their own base of operations. While Stormer dealt with one incursion, Thresher attempted to stop Voltix and Toxic Reapa. However, he was knocked out by Speeda Demon, and hooked up to a crane arm above the Hero assembler/disassembler which was set to slowly descend. The villains taunted him as he regained consciousness, and he continued descending slowly until Black Phantom burst in, ordering the villains to drop Thresher in quickly before his teammates could come to his rescue. However, the warning came too late, and Bulk smashed through the wall while Stringer severed the crane arm with his Sonic Boom Weapon, and Von Ness hovered him to safety using his gravity weapon. Stormer played back a recording in which Black Phantom had promised to betray the Legion of Darkness, turning the other villains on their leader. As Von Ness used his gravity weapon to slow Speeda Demon down so he couldn't escape, Thresher casually came up behind him, and apprehended him; the criminals were all sent to Asteroid J-54.

Later, Thresher recorded the mission log and filed it as classified. When Stormer questioned the decision to classify the successful mission, Thresher told him that he did not want any villains getting the idea that it could be that easy to take down Hero Factory. The two Heroes then joined Stringer, Bulk, Von Ness, and Zib for a briefing session. Zib congratulated them on the mission and then announced that Makuro had decided to reopen Hero Factory.

During a mission where Stormer was captured by a gang and saved by an undercover cop, Aquax, Thresher interviewed the cop. Though Thresher knew he was lying, Aquax said that he was sure Stormer was undercover and not captured.

New Stellac City

In response to a routine alarm New Stellac City. Thresher took Stormer and Ness in order to contain the threat. The situation proved more severe than the alert described, an they ended up battling a huge robot drone. Thresher tried to protect the rest of his team by charging at the robot, but the drone knocked him unconscious. He was saved by Stormer, who bravely took on and defeated the drone, while Von Ness fled in fear.


Thresher was eventually replaced as head of Alpha 1 by Preston Stormer; he willingly relinquished the position, rather than holding on to it, recognizing the potential of a new generation of Heroes.

He retired to a job as head of security on an uncharted planet, where the inhabitants were working on a confidential project related to protection against psychic powers.

Abilities and Traits

Thresher is professional in his dedication to the Hero Factory job, but is also known to be very protective of rookie heroes.


During his time as leader of Alpha 1 Team, Thresher wielded a pair of Mass Driver Launchers, twin weapons that could fire conventional projectiles or claw-shaped pitons that lower a cable line.


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