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Evo Spider Machine
Battle Machine
User(s) Nathan Evo
Weapon(s) Goo Shooter
Status Out of Use
Set number 44029

The Evo Spider Machine is a Battle Machine built for Nathan Evo for use in the subterranean tunnels below Antropolis City.


After Nathan Evo, Daniel Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez entered the Jumpers' underground lair and rescued three construction workers, Rocka told Evo to help him set up the Remote Builder because the Heroes needed five new Battle Machines better suited for fighting underground. After Evo set up the Remote Builder, he had a Battle Machine of his called the Evo XL Machine dismantled. He used the Remote Builder to build the Evo Spider Machine, one of the five required underground Battle Machines, replacing the XL Machine. After the Spider Machine, along with the Rocka Crawler, Bulk Drill Machine, Breez Flea Machine, and Surge & Rocka Combat Machine, was built, Evo used it to explore the lair. Throughout the journey, he used the machine to fight many Jumpers and defeated three mutated ones called the Crystal Beasts in a crystal cavern while he pushed a crystal bridge into a pool of acid in there to prevent the Jumpers from following him, Bulk, and Breez.

After the three Heroes entered the Jumpers' queen and mother called the Queen Beast's chamber, Breez told Evo that the queen has Surge in a cocoon, causing Evo to angrily use the Spider Machine to fight the queen to try to get Surge back. However, the queen resisted his attacks and tried to push the machine to a pool of acid to destroy it and Evo. After the queen noticed several Jumpers, who were contained in unhatched cocoons, getting killed in the pool of acid by Bulk and Rocka, Evo used this distraction to get out of the machine to save himself. After the queen made peace with Evo, Bulk, Breez, and Rocka and then gave them Preston Stormer back, the Heroes freed Stormer from his cocoon prison. The cocoon made Stormer feel so weak, so Rocka and Bulk detached the machine's Canister, put Stormer in it, and used it to heal him. After the queen gave the two Heroes Surge and William Furno back and then she falsely attacked the Heroes again, Bulk opened the Canister to save Stormer. When the queen grabbed Bulk, Stormer used the canister as a missile to hit the queen to try to save Bulk. The canister slammed the queen to the column that carried unhatched Jumpers, causing the chamber to shake and the Spider Machine to fall into a pit. After the queen captured Bulk again, Bulk saved himself by using the Spider Machine to fly out of the pit. He, Evo, Stormer, Breez, Surge, Rocka, and Furno used the machine to fly out of the lair and back to the surface.


The Spider Machine is a six-legged Battle Machine that is larger than the Evo Walker and smaller than the Evo XL Machine. It has a built-in Goo Shooter, which is a variation of the Plasma Gun. The Spider Machine has a jet underneath it that allows it to fly. The machine also held a Rescue Pot Canister, also called a Medi-Transport, on its back. It also features a bulletproof visor and an ejectable cockpit. The machine can hold two laser guns for the Heroes on its second pair of legs, one gun on each leg. The Canister could be used to heal a Hero that got so weak from being imprisoned in a Jumper's cocoon for some time. It could also be used as a missile, and it would turn from green to blue when activated. The Canister could hit the Queen Beast with great force. The Canister got lost when it was used to hit the queen. The Canister could be used to replace the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine's mini-jet half, so the other half of the Combat Machine could carry the canister.

Set Information

The Evo Spider Machine is included in set 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER, released in the summer of 2014. The Spider Machine is the size of a medium-sized Battle Machine set. It has a ball shooter in the front, acting as the machine's "mandibles". The Spider Machine's second pair of legs can carry two guns for its set's Heroes. The machine also has a Canister on its back, which can be detached and used to replace set 44028 SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine's mini-jet part, so the other half of the Combat Machine can carry the canister. This feature is not advertised, but it is still possible.


  • In Episode 11: Invasion From Below, the three studs on the canister facing the front of the machine function as flashlights.
  • The Evo Spider Machine has three different names. It got "Evo Spider Machine" from the Invasion From Below game. In the Queen Beast set's LEGOshop.com description, the Evo Spider Machine is called the "Six-Legged Walker". In HeroFactory.com's Canister page, The Evo Spider Machine was called the "Evo Walker", though that name belongs to the other Battle Machine, so this is likely an error.



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