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Hero Factory Staff
Occupation Assistant
Status Functional
Location Makuhero City

Quadal is Nathaniel Zib's assistant robot.


Quadal aids Zib at the Alpha 1 Team's mission management room. He runs scans and completes technical work within the management room. At one time, Quadal ran communications between Preston Stormer and Dunkan Bulk when Bulk was pinned under some girders after being attacked by Corroder. When Meltdown infected Stormer with nanobots, Quadal scanned him and determined a way on how to cure him. Stormer later tried on a new set of armor that Quadal insisted he use. The armor later saved Stormer's life when he was attacked by Thunder.

Quadal later oversaw Preston Stormer, William Furno, and Natalie Breez's 2.0 upgrades. While helping to train the heroes on testing their new upgrades, he was accidentally rammed into by Furno. Quadal also helped to upgrade Mark Surge after he was rescued from Fire Lord.

During the Breakout, Quadal gave the Heroes a new device called the Hero Cuffs, and was trapped with the other Hero Factory Employees by Black Phantom when he invaded the factory.

During the Brain Attack, Quadal and Zib detected a huge army of creatures swarming Makuhero City, and Quadal helped Zib run the Heroes' defense of the city as they fought off beasts mutated by Brains.

Abilities and Traits

Concept art of Quadal

Unlike most robots, Quadal is able to float. He does not communicate normally, through speech, but via a series of beeping noises that Zib has been shown to understand. Quadal is able to easily make use of technology, and is also talented in the field of numeric sequencing.


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