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Mekron City
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Mekron City is a city located in the Mekronite Planetoid Belt. It has its own police department for law enforcement, headed by Police Chief Drax. As with most of the outer cities, its local law enforcement is carried out by Floater Enforcer Drones (FEDs).


The villains Vapor and Meltdown were at one point seen in the vicinity of Mekron City. A reward was offered by the local police department for the capture of these wanted criminals.

Later, Meltdown attacked Chief Drax and infected him with mind-controlling nanobots using a weapon provided to him by Von Nebula. An alert was sounded to the Hero Factory Call Center, and Chief Drax put the city on lockdown, as was standard procedure in an emergency. Heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge (who were traveling in a Drop Ship) were signaled by Professor Zib to travel to the city and inspect the nature of the call.

Upon the heroes' arrival, the three rookies were instructed to circle the perimeter while Stormer inspected the police department building. Inside the building's lobby, Stormer encountered Drax, who informed him that the call was a false alarm. However, Stormer was incredulous and issued a Code 13 (signaling trouble) to the rookies, intending for Drax to get the impression he was issuing an all-clear. When asked about the emergency call, Drax told Stormer that one of the FEDs had malfunctioned, but Stormer told him that the heroes would have to do an inspection as a follow-up to the supposed all-clear.

The Police Headquarters

Drax became defensive, and Stormer revealed his suspicion that a criminal might be threatening Drax into misleading the Heroes. Drax then drew a weapon on Stormer, which Stormer kicked away. Stormer cuffed Drax, and the four heroes took out a swarm of FEDs that had revealed themselves. Meltdown, who had been watching the scene unfold through the skylights, dropped down and struck Stormer with the weapon that caused nanobot infection. Meltdown made his exit, and Stormer and Drax were taken back to Hero Factory by the three rookies.


Mekron City is full with square and cylindrical buildings, all made of the same gray metal. The city is covered in green dots of light. The city is a heavily populated urban center in the Mekronite Planetoid Belt.[FO:MSG, p. 22]

The Police Department building has a lobby decorated with limestone statues of past heroic soldiers with spears and shields, and skylights.


There are civilians in the city, that follow a strict lockdown procedure. There are also Drax and the police forces, aided by FEDs.


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