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"Drilldozer, who once put a whole squad of Heroes in the med wing..."
Preston Stormer, Ordeal of Fire

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Employer Fire Lord (formerly)
Weapons Turbine Drill
Lava Sphere Shooter
Claw Blade
Status Functional
Set number 2192

Drilldozer is a villain who once worked for Fire Lord.


At some point, Drilldozer was built. He was once an ordinary Mining Robot in Tallos 5.

He malfunctioned due to being overpowered with fuel and joined Fire Lord's gang. He was later wanted by the Hero Factory for robbery, assault, sabotage, and breaking and entering.(shown in a Lego Magazine in early 2011) Drilldozer also once injured a whole squad of Heroes, leading them to get healed in the Hero Factory's medical wing.(shown in Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire) Preston Stormer encountered him at one time.

Ordeal of Fire

Drilldozer's speed got enhanced. He accompanied Fire Lord and their gang to Tanker Station 22 to raid the fuel depot and encountered four members of the Alpha 1 Team. The team attempted to stop the Fire Villains from stealing the fuel. During the time, when Stormer tried to melee attack Drilldozer, Drilldozer quickly dodged his attacks, surprising Stormer with Drilldozer's increased speed. Drilldozer stated that his speed is not the only thing that is augmented, and then hit Stormer. Stormer, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge tried to attack Drilldozer, but Drilldozer is immune to their 1.0 weapons, so the three Heroes had to fall back. Drilldozer used his blade to shoot an energy blast at the Heroes to try to attack them. He and the other villains overpowered the four Heroes, forcing the team to try and evacuate. Surge sacrificed himself to allow his team to escape, and he was captured.

When the Heroes returned to defeat them, Nitroblast alerted the villains of their arrival. Drilldozer used his Turbine Drill to dig a tunnel underground and escape Stormer, and tunneled through the station's underground to approach William Furno and Breez, who were attempting to dislodge their stuck weapons. A Hero Pod distracted Drilldozer, and he was attacked by Furno and Breez. While Julius Nex separated Breez and Furno, Nathan Evo provided cover fire on the villains. Breez attacked Drilldozer by hitting his weak spot, disarming him of his drill and Hero-cuffing him. He was subsequently taken back to the Hero Factory to be cleansed of his fuel addiction.[Episode 5] Drilldozer was imprisioned in the Hero Factory's Villain Storage.[Episode 8]


Drilldozer escaped in the mass Breakout, caused by Voltix, and went on the loose.[Episode 8] Later, Drilldozer got recaptured.[SM4]

Abilities and Traits

Stocky, yet powerful and very strong, Drilldozer has the most brute strength out of all the Fire Lord's minions, but he lacks in speed and agility, despite having enhanced his speed during the attack on Tanker Station 22, which made him fast enough to dodge 1.0 Stormer's melee attacks. He is also not as intelligent as other members of his gang, but he makes up for it with his raw power, and is smart enough to get help from his partners. Drilldozer also does not try to make complicated plans, and he usually smashes, grabs what he wants, and leaves.[FO:MSG] Like his gang, Drilldozer can absorb energy, including fuel, and he is addicted in getting fuel.

Drilldozer has a tail. He also has a red arm-like appendage that connects his back to his right arm. Drilldozer is taller than a 2.0 Hero.


Drilldozer was armed with a Lava Sphere Shooter, which his tail carried, and a Turbine Drill. He had a red tube that connected his turbine to his right upper arm armor. Drilldozer also carried a razor-sharp claw-like blade that can dig and fire powerful flaming beams at enemies. His weapons are confiscated when he is jailed. His armor has red-hot molten spikes.

Set Information

Set 2192 Drilldozer

Set 2192 Drilldozer was released in the first half of 2011. It contains 61 pieces, including a firing Lava Sphere Shooter.


  • In Ordeal of Fire, Drilldozer was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
  • In the Television Episodes, Drilldozer has one more spike on his right thigh armor than his set. He also does not have the red hose on his right bicep armor and drill for some reason.


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