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"Drilldozer, who once put a whole squad of Heroes in the med wing..."
Preston Stormer, Ordeal of Fire

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OoF Drilldozer.png
Employer Fire Lord
Weapons Turbine Drill
Lava Sphere Shooter
Status Functional
Set number 2192

Drilldozer is a villain who once worked with Fire Lord.


Drilldozer was once a Mining Robot, but malfunctioned due to being overpowered with fuel and joined Fire Lord. He was later wanted by the Hero Factory for robbery, assault, sabotage, and breaking and entering.

He accompanied Fire Lord to Tanker Station 22 to raid the fuel depot and encountered the Alpha 1 Team. The team attempted to stop the fire villains from stealing the fuel, but Drilldozer and the other robots overpowered them, forcing the team to try and evacuate. Mark Surge sacrificed himself to allow his team to escape, and he was captured.

When the Heroes returned to defeat them, Nitroblast alerted the villains of their arrival. Drilldozer used his Turbine Drill to dig a tunnel underground and escape Stormer, and tunneled through the station's underground to approach William Furno and Natalie Breez, who were attempting to dislodge their stuck weapons. A Hero Pod distracted Drilldozer, and he was attacked by Furno and Breez. Nathan Evo, after separating Breez and Furno, provided cover fire, while Breez attacked Drilldozer, disarming him and Hero-cuffing him. He was subsequently taken back to the Hero Factory to be cleansed of his fuel addiction.

He has since escaped in the mass Breakout.

Abilities and Traits

Stocky, yet very strong, Drilldozer has the most brute strength out of all the Fire Lord's minions, but he lacks in speed and agility. He is also not as intelligent as other members of his gang, but makes up for it with his raw power.


Set 2192 Drilldozer

Drilldozer was armed with a shoulder mounted Lava Sphere Shooter and a Turbine Drill. He also carried a claw that could fire powerful flaming beams at enemies.

Set Information

Set 2192 Drilldozer was released in the first half of 2011 with 61 pieces, including a firing Lava Sphere Shooter.



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