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This article is about the city with the name. You may be looking for Stellac City.

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New Stellac City
Inhabitants Civilians
Class City

New Stellac City, or simply "New Stellac",[Episode 4] is a city that has twice been saved by Preston Stormer.


New Stellac City was once attacked by a drone called "Silver" and a Hero team called the Alpha 1 Team, led by Thresher, was dispatched to handle it. They found the drone, and Thresher ran to attack it, but was knocked unconscious. The rookies with him, Preston Stormer and Von Ness argued over how to proceed. Stormer charged the robot while Von Ness stayed with Thresher. Von Ness began to flee the scene, and Stormer jumped on the craft to stop Von Ness. Without anyway to, Stormer jumped off the craft, and defeated the robot with an aerial attack. New Stellac praised Stormer as a hero, and the Silver's body became a monument in the city center.

Later, Stormer, along with Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk, returned to the city on a mission, where a meteor was thrown on the city center. Thunder and Corroder arrived in more meteors, and Stormer was hit by a weapon Thunder was using called the Nebula Gas Cannon. The three heroes were soon joined by William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge, but two more criminals, XPlode and Meltdown, also arrived in meteors to help their comrades. A fight began until a black hole opened, and Stormer and Furno were sucked up within it to face Von Nebula. The criminals eventually ran out of ammo and they were defeated by the other four Heroes. In a desperate effort, XPlode used his Explosive Spikes to try to take out the heroes, but their new Particle Separators saved them, allowing Stringer to defeat XPlode. The criminals were bound, and Stormer and Furno escaped the black hole, having contained Von Nebula in the Black Hole Orb Staff.

The monument to Preston Stormer


The city has a central park surrounded by buildings, with a monument to Stormer in the center.[Episode 4][C4]


  • Mak Megahertz from a radio talk show called Hero Factory FM got a call and then a letter from a city with a similar name called Stellac City.


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