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Hero Weapons

Dual Fire Shooter

Energized Dual Boomerangs

Multi-Tool Blades

Lightning Shooter and Shield

Ice Spear Blaster

Preston Stormer's Ice Weapon

Multifunctional Ice Weapon

Sonic Boom Weapon

Metal Sphere Shooter

Multi-Tool Ice Shields

3.0 Weapons

Rocka XL's weapons

Breakout Weapons

Brain Attack Weapons

Invasion From Below Weapons

Villain Weapons

Black Hole Orb Staff

Acid Blasters

Radioactive Sludge Shooter

Thunder's weapons

Biohazard Gas Shooter

Explosive Spikes

Spiked Club

Vapor Launchers

Meteor Blaster

Lava Blaster

Turbine Drill

Plasma Blowtorch

The Fire Villains' Claws

Lava Sphere Shooter

Witch Doctor's weapons

Razor Sabre Mace Staff

Splitface's Weapons

Speeda Demon's Weapons

Thornraxx's Weapons

XT4's Weapons

Rock Knife