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  • Makuhero City
    A sprawling metropolis, centered around the Hero Factory
  • New Stellac City
    Once the site of Von Nebula's defection, later the area of his planned revenge against Hero Factory
  • Mekron City
    Located on an asteroid, the city has a dedicated police department run by Chief Drax


  • Quatros
    A planet that is a protected nature reserve, one of the last sources of Quaza in the universe, home to many beasts such as Fangz and Waspix
  • Tallos 5
    A mining planet, where Mining Robots were given an upgrade that eventually created Fire Lord and his gang
  • Lemus 2
    Home to an explosives plant once raided by XPlode and Rotor
  • Scylla
    Aquatic planet known for the naturally occurring substance Oxidium
  • Z'chaya
    A jungle planet home to various insect species, as well as Toxic Reapa and his kin
  • Kollix IV
    An ice planet that houses an Interstellar Navigation Beacon
  • Tansari VI
    Foggy planet with an Energy Collection Array located on it


  • Hero Factory
    The iconic building where all Heroes are produced, and the headquarters for the corporation as a whole
  • Tanker Station 22
    A refueling station containing large deposit of Hero fuel, the site of an attempted takeover by Fire Lord
  • Penitentiary 1331
    A future prison site, which was attacked by Corroder
  • Asteroid J-54
    The former (and temporarily current) prison for villains captured by the Hero Factory