Kollix IV

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"Kollix IV is cold. Not 'fresh', not 'crisp', not 'a bit chilly', I mean a few degrees above absolute zero. I mean thousands of miles of frozen methane, toxic slush and corrosive snow."
Omega, Omega Recon Reports

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Kollix IV
Inhabitants Unknown
Class Planet

Kollix IV is a frozen planet.


Kollix IV is known for possessing an Interstellar Navigation Beacon, put in place in the planet's north pole, which is used to prevent criminals from assaulting any ship passing near the planet.

After escaping from the Hero Factory prison, thanks to a Breakout started by Voltix, Speeda Demon stole a prototype Nitro Rocket Motorbike and set his course to Kollix IV. He planned to bring down the Interstellar Navigation Beacon and attack any spaceship that would pass nearby, stealing everything he could.

The Hero Preston Stormer was sent to catch the villain with his Ultra Mach Speed Cycle, alongside him came "Omega" and his squad of Hero Recon Team members in order to get a report from the mission. After a long chase from Stormer, Speeda Demon was tricked by the Hero and got his left hand cuffed with the Hero Cuffs, which caused the villain to crash against an ice wall. After the completion of his mission, Stormer left the planet along with Speeda Demon, preventing the destruction of the Beacon.

Since Speeda Demon escaped again,[SM1] Stormer went after him in Kollix IV again. They were in a motorcycle fight again. This time, due to the planet's icy terrain, Speeda Demon miscalculated a turn and spun out of control. He almost fell from a cliff to his doom when Stormer rescued him. Stormer cuffed and recaptured Speeda Demon again. Stormer left the planet with Speeda Demon again.[FO:MSG]

Kollix IV's landscape


Kollix IV is full of snow, and the temperature is a few degrees above absolute zero. The planet's landscape features miles of frozen methane, toxic slush and corrosive snow. It also is home to the Interstellar Navigation Beacon, which is located in the planet's north pole, that keeps passing spaceship traffic in order.


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