Lemus 2

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Lemus 2
Inhabitants Worker robots
Class Explosives Plant

Lemus 2 is a planetoid that houses an explosives plant.


The explosives plant

The Lemus 2 plant was built to manufacture explosives. It was raided by XPlode and Rotor by Von Nebula's order. The villains brought down most of the plant's security, and were trying to steal some crates of explosives. However, they were intercepted by four Heroes, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez. The Heroes charged at the criminals, and Rotor disconnected Stormer's vital power unit when the criminals concentrated their fire on him. Surge and Furno then engaged XPlode and Rotor while Breez attempted to reconnect Stormer's power unit. Furno, using his motorbike, sped at the two criminals, evading their fire. XPlode tried to flee with the explosives, but Surge used his Lightning Shooter to destroy the stolen explosives. XPlode fled at that point, leaving Rotor to be hero-cuffed by Furno. Once Breez finished repairing Stormer, they oversaw Furno putting Rotor in their Drop Ship.[C1][Episode 1]

Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer later arrived to secure the explosives plant and repair the damage from the fight. They had Hero Factory tech crews help them with the repairs. Stringer and Bulk made sure that no one can break into the explosives plant again.[Episode 2]


Lemus 2 is a barren, rocky planetoid whose only important feature is an explosives plant, which is a large metallic building. After XPlode and Rotor broke into and damaged the plant, Bulk and Stringer cleaned up the mess there, and then the Hero Factory tech crews repaired the planet and made sure no one will break into it again.

Rotor and XPlode raiding the explosives plant


The only known inhabitants of Lemus 2 are the workers at the explosives plant.



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