Tanker Station 22

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Tanker Station 22
Tanker Station 22.png
Inhabitants Workers
Class Station

Tanker Station 22 is a refueling station for Heroes.


Tanker Station 22 was attacked by the Fire Lord and his minions, in their string of raids on fuel depots. A Hero alert was pressed, and Alpha 1 Team arrived in a Drop Ship and began to evacuate the civilians, while attempting to keep the villains at bay. When escaping the last group, the Heroes were surrounded, but Surge drew the criminals away, and the other three Heroes escaped.

The Refueling Station on fire

Upgraded 2.0 heroes Furno, Stormer, and Breez returned to the depot to save Surge. Furno alerted Nitroblast to their position, and Nitroblast warned the Fire Lord and Drilldozer. Furno and Breez received a distress call right before Jetbug attacked them in the criminal's craft. The Fire Lord engaged in a fight with Stormer, and was preparing to kill Stormer when a Hero Pod with Nathan Evo and Julius Nex arrived. Nitroblast and Drilldozer was cuffed, and Fire Lord fled and began sapping energy reserves to increase his power. The villain's craft flew at the Fire Lord, after Jetbug was ejected out, and rammed into him, removing his absorbing hand. The driver was revealed to be Surge, who had escaped his captivity, and the remaining villains were apprehended.


A central spherical structure dominates the station, with ridges in the center, and rows of fuel cells located within. Several other buildings are placed around the central one.

Adjacent to the station is a location where the fuel is mined from.


Civilian workers are often present in the station, along with patrons looking for fuel.


  • In some sources, Tanker Station 22 is identified as Refueling Facility #4.


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