Ultra Mach Speed Cycle

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Ultra Mach Speed Cycle
TV Ultra Mach Speed Cycle.png
User(s) Preston Stormer
Status Out of use

The Ultra Mach Speed Cycle is a high-speed vehicle given to Preston Stormer for his mission to capture Speeda Demon.


In order to keep up with Speeda Demon, who was riding a stolen Nitro Rocket Motorbike, Stormer was sent to Kollix IV with the Ultra Mach Speed Cycle. Though Speeda Demon was able to outmaneuver Stormer on his own bike, Stormer used the Scout Drones and Hero Cuffs to his advantage, finally capturing the villain.


The Ultra Mach Speed Cycle is both fast and durable, able to keep up with Speeda Demon's motorbike and withstand damage suffered by the icy terrain.