Delta 9 Team

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Delta 9 Team
Hero Team
Headquarters/Base Makuhero City
Leader(s) Lucas Valor
Status Active
Goal(s) Protect the universe

Delta 9 Team is a Hero team of the Hero Factory.


Team leader Lucas Valor

At some points, the members of the Delta 9 Team were created.

Delta 9 is headed by Lucas Valor, with team members, Emily Wise and Nathan Slick.

When the notorious space pirate Captain Dark Horrendous and his crew attacked a space station and held the workers hostage, Delta 9 was called in to apprehend the pirates and rescue the workers. Due to the nature of the space station, the team was forced to use hand to hand combat and physical weapons, rather than the typical energy ones. The team pressed the space pirates back through the entire space station, and finally defeated them when Wise surprised them by plunging the area into darkness.

Valor now patrols the outer fringes of the galaxy, preventing hostile alien attacks.

It is unknown if the team had received the 2.0 Upgrade. It is also unknown if they had participated in Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.



Known Missions

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