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""I'm bored!" I said. I shouldn't have said it, it was asking for trouble!"
― Omega, Omega Recon Reports

Parent Page: Characters

Hero Team Hero Recon Team
Weapons Unknown
Status Functional

Omega is a Hero that works for the Recon Team.


Omega and his Recon Team squad were tasked of investigating planet Quatros after the Witch Doctor was caught by the Alpha 1 Team.

After the mass villain breakout started by Voltix and Black Phantom, Omega and his squad were tasked with traveling to planet Scylla, following Hero William Furno. After the mission, Omega was sent to planet Kollix IV, trailing Preston Stormer and a few Recon teams to chase after the villain Speeda Demon.

Later, Omega followed Evo to planet Z'chaya to monitor the Hero's progress while trying to catch the villain Toxic Reapa on his home planet.

Afterwards, Omega was tasked to carry fellow Hero Jimi Stringer to the planet Tansari VI which was under assault by Voltix. While Omega stayed in the Drop Ship, he witnessed Stringer catching Voltix, and subsequently being attacked by Core Hunter. Dunkan Bulk, having followed Core Hunter from Makuhero City, arrived shortly after chasing the villain off the planet. After Bulk and Core Hunter left Tansari VI, Omega returned with Stringer to Hero Factory to recover from the sudden ambush.

Abilities and Traits

Omega is an enthusiastic member of the Recon Team, though he displays apprehension at some of the more difficult missions that he tracks. He also shows great excitement at new gadgets and weaponry.


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