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Mission: Von Nebula (Game)
MVN Start Screen.png
Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Online
Controls Mouse, keyboard

Mission: Von Nebula is an online game where a virtual Hero is created by the player, who responds to different Hero alarms around Makuhero City.


Basic gameplay

At the start, the player is asked to create a Hero using the parts and system of the 1.0 Hero sets. Preston Stormer greets the player, telling the virtual Hero about their new job. Natalie Breez tells the player gameplay controls, and William Furno along with Mark Surge tell the new Hero how to attack. Dunkan Bulk informs the Hero about boosts, and at Jimi Stringer's warning, a glitchy training bot party attacks. After the player defeats them, Stormer congratulates the player, and they are given access to the mission management station. When the player next talks to Nathaniel Zib, Stormer informs the Hero that robots are causing mayhem in the Circuit. In Makuhero City, Meltdown is encountered. He then sends his minions to attack the player. Several waves of minion robots are faced before facing Meltdown. The player successfully scares Meltdown away. Stringer receives a distress call from the Makuhero University Research Facility (MURF), and sends the player to investigate. The player has to fight through waves of robots, more powerful than the last. Raven Su, a professor, eventually thanks the player for saving MURF.

Next, Furno alerts the player that Omega Team is having malfunctioning Hero Pod systems that are causing crashes, and the player must investigate, and Big Joe is having issues re-connecting the H-Pod lines under Makuhero City. The Hero meets Corroder, and he sends minion bots after the player. After battling through several waves, the player faces Corroder. After defeating Corroder, Big Joe informs the player that the Hero Pod glitch will be investigated. When the player next talk to Zib, Surge informs the Hero that XPlode is attacking a manufacturing plant in Makuhero City. In the streets, the Hero encounters XPlode, and he sends his minions after the player. After battling through several minion waves, the player defeats XPlode and he flees. Surge then calls the Hero back to the Assembly Tower.

Breez talking to the Hero

Bulk next informs the player that Meltdown has returned, and he's attacking MURF. After the first wave, the Hero saves a scientist worker. In the next room, the Hero faces another minion bot wave, and saves a male MURF worker. The next room has another scientist to save, and the Hero faces Meltdown again in the next room. After the player defeats him, Daniela Capricorn thanks the Hero for saving her, and tells of plans to cover this news story and find out who's behind these attacks. Breez next sends the hero to the Regal Munitions Plant, where XPlode should strike next. The Hero starts facing minion bot waves, but after several waves, Breez reports an intercepted transmission. Three waves later, the player hears Von Nebula yelling at minion bots to retrieve raw foundry materials, and he is answered by Minion Bot 17. Von Nebula orders the Hero terminated.

Stormer then instructs the player to secure the foundry Von Nebula's minions will be attacking. At the foundry, a massive minion wave is undergone until Thunder is found. Thunder is defeated by the player and Stormer reports that Thunder was just a diversion. The Hero uploads info on a terminal to Zib. Bulk suddenly reports he's swarmed by a type of zombie robots in the city. After facing some, Capricorn reports that Bulk has been de-activated and bots are swarming her. Defeating more, Capricorn tells the player that citizens started attacking the two and Bulk was de-activated and rushed to Hero Factory. Raven Su at MURF reports she found something interesting in the captured robots, and Breez sends the Hero to check things out. Su tells the Hero that the captured bots are infected with a nano-virus, and gives the player a circuit chip to scan Bulk with before he becomes a zombie. On the way out, Meltdown appears and orders the player stopped. After battling through waves of minions, the player face Meltdown for a third time. Meltdown is defeated, but tells the Hero it is too late to save Bulk as he will be under his control. Breez orders the player to leave.

Zib tells the player that he will let the Hero know if he was able to save Bulk. Furno relays the recent request from Big Joe. Big Joe says that he is accessing the main Hero Pod terminal and suspects enemy active and requests back-up. The Hero fights through waves of enemies and successfully guards Big Joe. He reports extreme radiation levels near the terminal entrance, and the player must fix it manually, but if the Hero stays too long his/her Hero Core could be destroyed. Waves of minions are encountered, and the player finds and defeats Corroder. Corroder flees and warns that his master will make everyone pay. Big Joe thanks the player, and tells the Hero to recharge. Stringer tells the Hero to investigate a large energy drain in the city. Many robots are defeated, and Zib frantically tells the player to find a street terminal as Hero Factory is losing power. Power is restored, and Zib tells the Hero that an orbital satellite that was previously cloaked is responsible. Stringer tells the Hero to get to the Hero Pod bay.

Stormer tells the player to get on the satellite as he directs Alpha 1 Team and Omega Team to the satellite. Von Nebula expresses anger at the discovery of his hidden base, and tells Meltdown, XPlode, and Corroder to stop the Hero as his Nebula Orb is nearly complete. Meltdown is battled the fourth time, followed by Corroder, then XPlode. Finally, after de-activating Von Nebula's shield, the villain is met and defeated.


Big Joe's upgrade window

The game has a 1.0 Hero creator to start a new level slot. The main screen features Zib, Lucy, Big Joe, and Quadal, all who have special uses. Zib sends the player on the latest investigation, Lucy sends the Hero on random missions to fight Thunder, while Quadal analyzes unlock codes. Big Joe helps in the upgrading of the Hero using points won by defeating foes in game.


The Hero can be made to be a Fighter, Gunner, or Technician. Each enemy defeated by the Hero gains experience points which, at a certain level, upgrade the Hero's stat points. Energy powers a Hero's special attacks.

  • The Fighter
    • Electroblast: shoot an energy bolt at foes
    • Supra Sprint: give the Hero more speed
    • Stunning Blow: stun foes
    • Energy Drain: damage enemies while draining their energy
  • The Gunner
    • Power Shot: fire a powerful laser blast
    • Stun Shock: stun foes
    • Energy Shield: drain energy instead of health
    • Burst Blast: fire a powerful ring attack
  • The Technician
    • Defense Drone: deploy a drone to aid the Hero
    • EMP Grenade: fire an enemy-slowing EMP
    • Cloaking Shield: cause the Hero to vanish to evade foes
    • Lethal Blast: fire an explosion that damages nearby foes


  • Headgear
    • Boost
    • Special Attacks
  • Armor
    • Defense
    • Health
    • Energy Regeneration
  • Gadgets
    • Attack
  • Boots
    • Boost
    • Health Regeneration
    • Damage Reduction


There are four boosts available from Big Joe:

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Attack
  • EMP Burst.

Energy powers a Hero's special attacks.


The foes, excluding bosses, come in two types:

  • Moving short-range robots
    • Masses in groups
    • Subtypes:
      • Healing
      • Reinforced
  • Long-range gunner robots
    • Moves away from the Hero and shoots at him or her.


The mouse is the primary control, and the game works with a point and click interface. If the players clicks on any part of the map, the Hero moves, and if an enemy is clicked, the Hero attacks if their specifications allow for that. Keys 1-4 activate power boosts, while Q-R (on a QWERTY style keyboard) let the Hero use special attacks.

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