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"This is the Hero Factor, sir, not the AutoPod Club."
― Lucy, Trials of Furno

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Hero Factory Staff
Occupation Call Center Operator
Status Active
Location Makuhero City

Lucy is a Hero Factory staff member who works as an operator in the Call Center.


Lucy once got a call from a civilian whose transport pod had broken down. Lucy told him that this did not qualify as an emergency until he told her he had made an emergency landing on Tyral 9 and had become surrounded by hungry Canabots. With this new information, Lucy sent an dispatched a Hero team to save him. Immediately after, fielded a call from Lemus 2, where XPlode and Rotor where stealing explosives from. She subsequently sent the call to Chief Mission Manager Nathaniel Zib.

Abilities and Traits

Lucy conducts herself competently and professionally with people in crisis who call the Hero Factory Hotline. She has no tolerance for any misusage of the service.



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