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Queen Beast
Weapons Snapping staff
Poison claws
Location Antropolis City
Status Unknown
Set number 44029

The Queen Beast is a massive beast, and the mother and queen of the Jumper species.


The Queen Beast has long existed in the caverns beneath Antropolis City, establishing a massive nest on a tall column in the center of one of the caverns and breeding various Jumpers. A group of unknown people explored the caverns and encountered the queen and the Jumpers. They were attacked by the Jumpers, so they made carvings on a pillar in the entering cavern that warn future explorers not to go any further.

When Antropolis City began an underground excavation process, the construction disturbed the Queen Beast and her brood. Believing the people of Antropolis to be deliberately encroaching upon her territory and starting a war with the Jumpers, the Queen Beast sent out an army of Jumpers to kidnap the citizens and imprison them underground in cocoons. When the Jumpers were met with resistance by the Heroes of the Hero Factory, they began kidnapping three of seven members of the Alpha 1 Team in the city, Preston Stormer, William Furno, and Mark Surge, as well, and bringing them to the Queen. The Queen imprisoned the three Heroes in cocoons and kept them in her nest. She was planning to eat the Heroes and the civilians.[2014 Story Arc Summary][Cocoons]

When three of the remaining members of the Alpha 1 Team, Natalie Breez, Nathan Evo, and Dunkan Bulk, arrived at the Queen Breez nest, Evo used his Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to fight the queen to try to save Surge from her, but the queen resisted Evo's attacks and tried to push the machine, with Evo in it, to a pool of acid. Bulk tried to fight the queen to save Evo, but the queen kicked him away. The other remaining member of the Alpha 1 Team, Daniel Rocka, who was driving the plane half of his Battle Machine called the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine, reunited with Evo, Bulk, and Breez, and tried to save Evo from the queen, but the queen resisted Rocka's attack by hitting the plane half of the Combat Machine, causing it to crash-land on the ground, forcing Rocka out of the plane half, and then fall to the pool of acid, destroying it. Breez tried to tell Bulk to force the queen to stop fighting by aiming their weapons on a web thread that supported the queen's nest, but Bulk and Rocka destroyed the thread because the queen had their friends, making some unhatched Jumpers in cocoons fall into a pool of acid, killing them. This got the queen's attention, so Evo got out of his machine to save himself. The queen felt sad to see her children dying. Breez told the Heroes to let her talk to the queen, but the queen got angry and called reinforcements to defeat the Heroes. Bulk destroyed another web thread, killing more unhatched cocoons. This angered the queen more, so she pinned down Bulk and Evo. However, Breez started making a communicating connection with the queen, making her let go of Bulk and Evo. Breez communicated successfully to the queen and convinced her that it was a mistake to disturb her and her kind, Breez and her friends wanted to get their three imprisoned friends back, and promised her that Breez and the other Heroes will close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair to leave them alone in peace. Breez told her fellow Heroes to lay down their weapons to convince the Jumpers to stop fighting them. After the Heroes did so, Breez told the queen to end the invasion, so the queen recalled all of her children to do so. All of the civilians are implied to have been freed.

The Heroes and the Jumpers made peace with each other, and the queen gave the four Heroes their three comrades back. However, just when the Heroes were about to leave, one of the normal Jumpers accidentally triggered one of the Heroes' guns, destroying another web thread, killing more unhatched Jumpers. The Queen Beast noticed, so she got angry and mistakenly thought that the Heroes had betrayed her and her kind, so she attacked them again. The queen grabbed Bulk, but Stormer used the Spider Machine's canister to hit the queen, saving Bulk from her. The hit caused her to hit the column, causing it, the pool, and the cavern's ceiling's rock spikes to fall into a hole underneath the pool, and the queen, who was trying to fly out of the siutation, got hit by one of the rock spikes, which made her fall into the hole. While the queen was falling, she grabbed Bulk, taking him with her, but Bulk used the machine to fly out of the situation. It is unknown if the queen had been killed by the incident or survived.[Episode 11]

Abilities and Traits

The Queen Beast usually has a calmer, peaceful demeanor to her, however, when the people of Antropolis City tried drilling the tunnel to her cave, she became falsely threatened, so she attacked them. She ferociously defended her territory. The queen will also angrily jump into conclusions without seeing the truth. As a mother, she cares about her children, and when her children get killed, she would get angry and avenge them. As a queen, she commands her children to attack and capture their enemies. When the enemies are captured, the queen and her kind will imprison them in Jumper cocoons, and then she would keep some of them in her nest. She was planning to eat her captives.[2014 Story Arc Summary][Cocoons]

She is so powerful that she can push the Evo Spider Machine to a pool of acid. She can also carry two captive-containing cocoons in her arm.

She looks like a centaur with twelve red eyes, four insect legs, skeletal wings, and many spikes. She can use the wings to fly. She also has poison claws. She is slightly larger than an orange-headed Splitter Beast. Her rear end can carry a cocoon, even if the cocoon is holding a captive.


The Queen Beast was armed with a grabbing staff with two pincer claws and a chain in between them that could grab a Hero. It could also be used as a melee weapon, and deflect a Battle Machine's Goo Shooter's shots. At the end of the staff was a spike.

Set Information

44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer

Set 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER was part of the second half of the Invasion From Below wave, released at the summer of 2014. The set is comprised of 217 pieces. The Queen Beast has a staff that has a grabbing pincer. She can carry a cocoon on her rear end. Parts from the Queen Beast can be combined with parts from the Tunneler Beast from 44024 TUNNELER Beast vs. SURGE and the Crystal Beast from 44026 CRYSTAL Beast vs. BULK to create a new non-canon combination model using building instructions from HeroFactory.com.


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