Planet (Thornraxx)

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"Planet (Thornraxx)" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

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Planet (Thornraxx)

Thornraxx in the Hive Planet
Inhabitants Thornraxx's species
Class Planet

This planet with an unknown name is one of the Hive Planets and is the homeworld of Thornraxx's insect-like species.


This Hive Planet is the home planet of the villain, Thornraxx.

Natalie Breez in the Hive Planet

After the mass Breakout started by Voltix that occurred in the Hero Factory building's prison, Thornraxx traveled to his Hive Planet, hoping to recruit other natives of the planet as allies. Hero Natalie Breez was sent to find and apprehend Thornraxx there. Thornraxx was still on the loose when Mission: The Doom Box happened.[SM1] Breez went to find and fight Thornraxx again. Knowing that Thornraxx would go to his Hive Planet, Breez managed to get there first, enraging Thornraxx and made him think that she was corrupting the nest, so he fought her.[FO:MSG] Breez had a tough fight against Thornraxx. She managed to dodge one of his attacks and defeat him. Thornraxx was returned to the Hero Factory.[SM3][FO:MSG]


Not much is known about the Hive Planet, but its landscape looks like yellow insect hives. Thornraxx's species live in the hives. They also live in nests.[SM2][FO:MSG]


Thornraxx's irritable, flying insect-like species live in the planet. Thornaxx was a former inhabitant of the planet.


  • According to the online game Breakout, Thornraxx went to the Hive in System TQ46, which is the Hive Planet.


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